Mind Education

By Prof. Kim Soo Yeon   |   International Youth Fellowship
Learners enrolled: 31504
Introduction to Mind education

In an increasingly globalised world, to stay ahead of competition and succeed, mere knowledgeand skill no more suffices. The Mind Education Course aims at creating global leaders in every field who possess the special wisdom that others do not have thereby making them singular individuals who will be much in demand internationally. We wish to mould such leaders who possess the mindset of ‘You First’ instead of ‘Me First’. In every field whether it be education, IT, Medicine etc. such leaders are direly needed. This is why the mind education lectures educate the hearts of people to learn the value of self-control and happiness, creating a much better environment in the class or workplace and building leaders with bright & clean hearts.


1.To mould a clean mindset in individuals based on values to reduce the possibility for corruption, crimes and injustice.
2.To improve quality of expert educators enabling them to nurture leaders of the next generation with a mindset of serving others.
3.To cultivate a mindset that overcomes one’s limitations and frame of thought challenging themselves and opening up infinite possibilities.
4.To instill a healthy mindset that allows students to break free from themselves (addictions, depression, personal problems) and experience true change in their lives.

Course Status : Upcoming
Course Type : Elective
Duration : Self Paced
Category :
  • Arts
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Teacher Education
Level : Continuing Education

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Course layout

Mind Education Course 1 Layout

Week 1

- Importance and necessity of mind education

     Importance and necessity of mind education PDF

     Importance and necessity of mind education

Week 2

- Knowledge based education vs wisdom based education

     Knowledge based education and wisdom based education PDF

     Knowledge based education and wisdom based education

     Knowledge based education and wisdom based education (Only Eng)

Week 3

- Desire and Self-control

     Lecture Plan_Richard Hong

     Desires Self-Control: The essential of life

     Desires  Self-Control- The essential of life (Only Eng)

Week 4

- Wounds of the heart: Causes and Cure

     Wounds of the heart: Causes and cure

     Wounds of the heart: Causes and cure PDF

Week 5

- Listening: Wisdom to gain hearts

     Listening: Wisdom to gain hearts PDF

     Listening: Wisdom to gain hearts Video

     Listening- Wisdom to gain hearts (Only Eng)

Week 6

- Importance and necessity of contemplating

     Thinking Power -Importance and necessity of contemplating PDF

     Importance and necessity of contemplating

Week 7

- Change in perspective (Placebo Effect)

     Change in perspective (Placebo Effect) PDF

     Change in perspective (Placebo Effect)

     Change in perspective : Placebo Effect(Only Eng)

Week 8

- Managing the heart

     Managing the heart PDF

     Managing the heart (Audio)

Mind Education Course 2 Layout

     Mind education course 2 introductory video

Week 9

- The other side

     The Other Side

Week 10

- The other side 2

Week 11

- Exchanging heart-to-heart conversation

 Week 12

- The cause of fear and its solution

 Week 13

- Essential conditions for happiness

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Instructor bio

International Youth Fellowship

Prof. Kim Soo Yeon

 Prof. Kim Soo Yeon is the Director of International Youth Fellowship, India. And he is also a Mind Education Specialist. He has been a speaker at various events such as the Atlanta Citizen Camp, USA, National Youth Camp, Burundi, Educational Ministry camp in Zambia. He was also one of the main speakers at the 17th National Jamboree, Karnataka. He has been invited to deliver mind education lectures at the Dept of Prohibition & Excise Office, Telangana, and Dept. of Income Tax (Exemptions) Delhi. He has made significant contribution to the development of youth through his lectures on mindset education at various colleges and universities all over India.

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