GChemPaint - 2D chemical structure editor

By Prof Kannan Moudgalya - Principal Investigator of Spoken Tutorial Project   |   Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
Learners enrolled: 996
This course comprises 11 audio-video spoken tutorials, using which you can self-learn GChemPaint - 2D chemical structure editor with ease. 

First of all install GChemPaint by following the steps given in this sheet.
  1. This sheet gives the steps to install GChemPaint software on Linux and Windows OS.
  2. Open the sheet, read the instructions for your OS and install GChemPaint on your machine.
  3. Cross-verify (as mentioned in the sheet) to confirm successful installation.
Next, read this sheet. https://spoken-tutorial.org/GChemPaint-Instruction-Sheet-English.pdf/
  1. This sheet explains how to learn from spoken tutorials.
  2. This sheet also mentions some important information about the text editors while coding, how to use the command prompt (in Windows OS), how to use the Code Files, how to do the Assignments, etc.
  3. Read this sheet carefully and make a note of all the information, before you begin.
Follow the side-by-side learning methodology while learning from spoken tutorials - watch the video, listen to the instructions, pause the video, try out the command on your system.  You should get the exact same results as shown in the video.  If successful, proceed with the video.  Else, rewind and watch the video again and replicate the commands shown.

Complete all the videos in the given sequence one by one.
The Assignment for each tutorial is for your self-assessment only.  Do not upload it anywhere for evaluation.

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Introduction to GChemPaint - 2D chemical structure editor

GChempaint was developed by Jean Bréfort in 2001. GChemPaint is a two dimensional chemical structure editor for Linux Operating System. It is free and open source software(FOSS) developed in 'C'. It is useful for students, teachers and teacher educators, researchers. For details visit http://www.nongnu.org/gchempaint/

GChemPaint allows to draw and display two dimensional chemical structures. It has inbuilt templates with different categories of structures that can be loaded into the GChemPaint Display area. It has an inbuilt Modern periodic table. It supports multiple file formats like .mol, .pdb .svg, .pdf and other forms. It has an inbuilt Chemical Calculator to calculate molecular weight of compounds and view mass spectra. It helps to convert drawn 2D structures to 3D structures using GChem3D feature. Structures can be viewed in "ball and sticks", "space filling", "Cylinders" and "wireframe". Periodic table trends and properties can be shown using the GChemTable feature. Different types of charts can be created and viewed using GChemTable.

The Spoken Tutorial effort for GChemPaint series was contributed by Ms. Madhuri Ganapathi and was supported by Ms. Nancy Varkey, both from IIT Bombay.

Learners: School students (9th standard and above) as well as school teachers.

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