Pedagogical Innovations And Research Methodology (Interdisciplinary)

By Prof. Vandana Punia   |   Guru Jambeshwar university of Science &Technology Hisar, Haryana
Learners enrolled: 4395
21st century is of digital native. In this era, Pedagogy, Transaction and Evaluation along with Flip class rooms Approach is equipped with technological supported pedagogical innovations. Digital skills and competencies will always be the ground which education of 21st century will grow and thrive.  So this is need of the hour that teachers should focus on digital competence to explore new pedagogical innovations and new endeavours of Research methodology. Educational needs of learners are changing faster than teachers can cope up with. We teachers have to welcome technology into our class rooms equipping students with new experiences. Technology helps make teaching, learning and research more meaningful and enjoyable. There are number of powerful technology tools in the class room learning that teachers can use in the classroom that go beyond to the text books. Technology has a way of keeping students motivated as well as engaged in what they are learning. It also has the ability to change the reluctant learners into passionate readers. Many teachers are shifting away from text books dependent classrooms and moving towards a more student cantered, digital atmosphere driven by technology in the classroom. 
Keeping in view the vital importance of these issues, an idea has been conceptualized to prepare a course that enables teachers to acquaint them with knowledge, skill and attitude for technology integration in pedagogical decisions and research methodology. The major thrust of this course is to explore Pedagogical Innovations to guide teachers and policy makers for quality concerns in higher education.

Course Status : Completed
Course Type : Core
Duration : 16 weeks
Start Date : 01 Oct 2019
End Date : 31 Jan 2020
Exam Date : 16 Feb 2020 IST
Category :
  • Annual Refresher Programme in Teaching (ARPIT)
Credit Points : 4
Level : None

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Course layout

Tentative Schedule

Week 1: 
  • Concept of Pedagogical Innovations and its seven Notions
  • Innovative Ideas for 21st century Education
Week 2:
  • Pedagogical Innovations with the use of ICT
  • Digital Tools Commonly used as a pedagogical tools Across a Variety of Disciplines
Week 3:
  • Digital Technologies in Classrooms
  •  WebQuest Pedagogy
  • Week 4: 
  • Brainstorming as a Pedagogical Tool for Creativity
  • Webinar as a Pedagogical Tool for Virtual Learning Environments
Week 5:
  • UNESCO ICT Teachers Competency Framework
  • Digital Literacy and its related concepts 
   Week 6: 
  •   Digital Story Telling as a Powerful Tool for 21st Century Pedagogy 
  •   Techno-skills in Teachers of Higher Education
  •    MOOCS in Higher Education  
   Week 7:
  • Need to Recognize Emotions and Creativity in Pedagogies
  • Innovative Pedagogy
  • Web Data Scrapping
Week 8:

  •  MOODLE  Designing and Developing an E Learning Course Part 1   
  •  MOODLE  Designing and Developing an E Learning Course Part 11
  • MOODLE  Designing and Developing an E Learning Course Part 111

Week 9
  • Browser Extensions for Enhanced Digital Skill
  • Flipped Classroom Learning
Week 10
  •  Pedagogical Researches
  • Twitter Capture Analysis

Week 11
  • Open Educational Resources 1
  • Open Educational Resources 11
Week 12

  • Pedagogic Theories and the use of Technologies for Learning and their Applications 1
  •  Pedagogic Theories and the use of Technologies for Learning  and Their Applications 11

Week 13
  •  Pedagogic Knowledge  and Teaching  Profession
  •  Best Practices 
Week 14
  • Reference Management Software
  • Review of Literature and Spreadsheet styles
Week 15
  • Research Methodology : Use of Information Technology in Research Methods
  • Role Of ICT In Research Information Technology Essay

Instructor bio

Vandana Punia is currently working as Professor of Human Resource Development Centre, Guru Jambheshwar University of Science Technology Hisar. She has completed her PhD in Education from Maharishi Dayanand University, Rohtak. She is having 15 years of teaching and research experience to her credit, in area of Teacher Education. As a vigorous research scholar, she has completed two sponsored Major Research Projects funded by University Grants Commission, New Delhi. She has published more than 50 research papers in National and International Journals. She has developed Multiple Intelligence Inventory, Work Life Conflict scale, Perceived Stress and Coping Strategies to Stress scale,  designed E- learning modules and conducted various training sessions as a skilled and inspiring trainer for faculty development programmes to empower and enrich the academia for pursuing high Academic Excellence. She is associated with various acclaimed academic journals in the capacity of editor, reviewer and adviser etc. Nine scholars have done PhD under her able supervision. Prof. Vandana Punia, is MA (Economics, Mass Communication) M.Ed., Ph. D. in Education having specialization the area of ICT based Training. She is course coordinator of On-Line Programme in PIRM (Annual Refresher Programme in Teaching (ARPIT-2018) for higher education faculty sponsored by MHRD Govt. of India.

E-Mail: vbpunia@gmail.com Mb: 989608543
Teaching Assistants – Dr. Pankaj Khurana  ( contractual faculty in Journalism and Mass communication)  Guru Jambheshwar University of S&T, Hisar.

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