Annual Refresher Programme In English Language Teaching

By Prof Dr Jagdish S Joshi   |   UGC Human Resource Development Centre Gujarat University Ahmedabad
Learners enrolled: 3639
We are adding one more golden chapter to the history of Higher Education in India. This is for the second time that a refresher course is being offered online as ARPIT SWAYAM MOOCs. Under the guidance of MHRD, Govt of India UGC HRDC of Gujarat University is coming to you with Annual Refresher Program in English Language Teaching.  When you hear the name of Human Resource Development Centre or Academic Staff College it makes you recollect 28 days or 21 days of face to face Orientation Program, Refresher Course, Faculty Development Program or Short-Term Course scheduled on pre decided dates and venues which may have been inconvenient but had to be completed as it is professionally mandatory. We are presenting a refresher course at your place, your time and your pace. Annual Refresher Program in English Language Teaching.  
We have very successfully organised the first of its kind Online Refresher Course in English Language Teaching last year. I am proud to share that about 2000 college and university professors from across India have joined the course. Their feedback motivates us to come out with the second such initiative in the series.  These teachers not only learnt from the well-designed course, but were also able to apply the practices adapted from the course in their classroom teaching. 
This pioneering effort is being undertaken to train the trainers and to enhance the skills and Competences of in-service academic faculty members. This course is intended to transform us from good teachers to effective teachers and is specially designed for you if you are an Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor or aspiring to be on such positions related to language teaching and learning, especially English Language. We know that English is an international language and the skills of English Language are a passport to global success.

Learning outcomes or objectives
The course is not planned on the assumption that we, professors do not know how to teach. We, being in the teaching profession for years, very well know that we need to learn, unlearn and relearn as the society, knowledge and technology around us is constantly evolving. The course is to help us keep ourselves updated. 
It is just an effort to assist us… 
  • to enhance our competence
  • to engage us in collaborative team work 
  • in taking learning and teaching beyond the boundaries of the classrooms 
  • to use ICT tools for effective teaching-learning
  • to bring the latest trends, development and technology in ELT to us
  • to use mobile for teaching, learning, testing and feedback 
  • to produce need-based instructional, teaching and learning materials
  • to prepare and administer a variety of language tests
  • to think in a different perspective to make your teaching-learning experience more interesting
and to discover new areas of teaching, learning, research and enquiry in the field of English Language Teaching, Learning and Testing.

Course Status : Ongoing
Course Type :
Duration : 16 weeks
Start Date : 01 Dec 2020
End Date : 31 Mar 2021
Exam Date : 10 Apr 2021 IST
Enrollment Ends : 31 Dec 2020
Category :
  • Annual Refresher Programme in Teaching (ARPIT)
Level : None

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Course layout

It is a course of 40 hours. 20 hours of e-content and 20 hours of video content.  At your time, place and convenience. We need to devote just 2 hours a day for five days in a week or just 8 hours a week. It is flexible. We need to complete 40 hours in two to three months’ time.  It will be a blend of e-text, self-check exercises, tasks, activities, audio and video content, assignments with continuous and term end evaluation. How can I miss one of the most important parts of the course, that is, Discussion Forum? We all can discuss, comment, suggest and empower ourselves with the help of the discussion forum.  There will be a list of resources for further studies. There is a group of enthusiastic techno-savvy experts invited from across the country to support the course.  

Week 1
  • Introduction to Annual Refresher Programme in English Language Teaching
  • Instructional Design For ELT in Indian Classrooms
Week 2 
  • Teaching of English as a Second Language in India
Week 3 
  • Curriculum Designing
Week 4 
  • Language Comprehension Through Teaching Poetry
Week 5 
  • The Second Language Learner and Society
Week 6 
  • Accomplishing Language Comprehension Through Teaching Literature in Indian Classrooms
Week 7 
  • Language, Society & Culture
Week 8 
  • Language Functions 
Week 9 
  • Teaching Creative and Critical Writing 
Week 10 
  • Teaching Prose 
Week 11 
  • Teaching Group Discussion
Week 12 
  • Teaching English Novel in Language Classroom
Week 13 
  • Teach Effectively with Web Tools
  • Phonetics: Sound System of English Language Consonants
Week 14 
  • Phonetics: Sound System of English Language Vowels
  • Communicative Language Teaching
Week 15 
  • Blended and Flipped Learning
  • Using Language Lab: FluentU, Orell, and K Van Solutions
Week 16
  • Citation Styles
  • Advanced Language Testing

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Course certificate

The certificate will be issued by Government of India. This is a sample image. Sample Certificate

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