E-commerce Technologies

By Mrs. G. Selva Jeba   |   Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai, Tamil Nadu.
E-Commerce Technologies, is designed for Undergraduate students to present a managerial perspective of the broad study on the introduction of e-commerce and the underlying used technologies involved in the sharing of business information, maintaining business relationships and transactions by means of telecommunications networks.

Learners enrolled: 3195


Course Status : Completed
Course Type : Core
Duration : 12 weeks
Start Date : 13 Aug 2019
End Date : 31 Oct 2019
Exam Date : 09 Nov 2019
Enrollment Ends : 10 Sep 2019
Category :
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Level : Undergraduate

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    Week – I 

    1.  Introduction to e-commerce
    2.  Technical components and functions of e-commerce
    3.  Advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce

    Week – II  

    4.  Scope and applications of e-commerce
    5.  E-commerce and e-business

    Week – III

    6.  Evolution of internet, Domain names and internet organization
    7.  Types of network
    8.  Role of internet in B2B application and Building own website
    Week – IV

    9.  Web promotion 
    10. Target email, Banner exchange and Shopping Bots
    11. Secure transaction over internet

    Week – V

    12. Privacy issues
    13. Computer crime
    14. Threats and attacks on computer system

    Week – VI  

    15. Software packages for privacy
    16. Hacking and computer virus
    17. Security algorithms

    Week – VII  

    18. Authorization and authentication, digital signature
    19. Firewall
    20. Basic concepts of EDI

    Week – VIII

    21. Applications of EDI
    22. EDI model and Disadvantages of EDI model

    Week – IX
    23. Introduction to electronic payment systems
    24. Payment types

    Week – X

    25. Planning e-commerce initiates, Linking objectives to business strategies
    26. Managing costs, Strategies for developing e-commerce websites

    Week – XI

    27. Pros and cons of online shopping
    28. Case study- cons of online shopping, E-cycle of internet marketing

    Week – XII

    29. Internet marketing techniques
    30. Personalization of e-commerce


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    The PI, G. Selva Jeba is a ME (Computer Science) graduate working as a Scientist Engineer in Grace Technology Solutions, Tirunelveli. She has presented 3 papers in International Conferences and published 2 papers in International Journals. She has excellent standards of written communication and presentation skills. She has also developed 2 E-content for Educational Multimedia Research Centre (EMRC), Madurai Kamaraj University.  


    30% for in course Assessment & 70% of end term Proctored Exam