Business Ethics

By Prof. Archana Vechalekar   |   Savitribai Phule Pune University
The objectives of this course:
• To Import Knowledge of Business Ethics to the Student.
• To Impart Knowledge of various Business Ethics practices.
• To the student modern Business Ethics and their give and
  understanding residing applications in different context.

Learners enrolled: 4648


Course Status : Completed
Course Type : Core
Duration : 8 weeks
Start Date : 05 Aug 2019
End Date : 29 Sep 2019
Exam Date : 09 Nov 2019
Enrollment Ends : 11 Sep 2019
Category :
  • Management Studies
  • Level : Undergraduate

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    Week 1: Meaning and Nature of Ethics, Moral and Ethics: Importance of Ethics, Types of Ethics, Causes of
                    Unethical Behavior
    Week 2: Meaning, Nature and Importance of Business Ethics, Types of Business Ethics, Factors
                    Influencing Business Ethics, Corporate Ethics: Ethical Behavior and Audit of Ethical Behavior
    Week 3: Individual Ethics, Professional Ethics, Gandhian Philosophy of Ethical Behavior, Social Audit,
                    Concept of Globalization and Global Business Network, Relationship among Business, Business
                    Ethics and Business Development
    Week 4: Developing Business System Ethics relating to Ethics in Global Economy, Marketing Ethics in
                    Foreign Trade, Role of Business Ethics in Developing Civilized Society, Concept of Corporate
                    Social Responsibility
    Week 5: Relationship between CSR and Business Ethics, Justice and Economic Environment Protection,
                    Business Ethics and Consumer Protection, Business Ethics and Social Justice
    Week 6: Arguments for and against Corporate Social Responsibility, Meaning of Functional Ethics, Types
                    of Ethics according to Functions of Business (Marketing and HRM), Types of Ethics according
                    to Functions of Business (Purchase, Selling and Distribution)
    Week 7: Patents, Copy-rights, Intellectual Property rights, Trade Marks, and Business Ethics, Ethical Value
                    System, Values
    Week 8: Indian Values and Ethics, Business Ethics, Ethics and Corporate Excellence, Indian and Global
                    Case Studies


    1) Business Ethics - O.C. Ferrell, John Paul Fraedrich, Linda Ferrell.
    2) Business Ethics - Gautam Pherwani
    3) Business Ethics - Ritu Pamraj.
    4) Business Ethics - Prof. Agalgatti.
    5) Governance ethics and social responsibility of business – Neeru Vasishth and Namita Rajput
    6) Business Ethics: Concepts and Cases – Manuel G. Velasquez 


    Prof. Archana Vechalekar is currently working as a visiting faculty at Zeal Education Society. 
    Archana Vechalekar is a Certified EQ Educator. The said certification is awarded by
    a renowned organization in USA called Six Seconds.
    She has around 6 years of experience into academics and 2 years into industry. 
    Till date she has written five text books for various courses under SPPU
    viz., B.Com, MBA, MPM etc.
    She has to her credit six International Publications and four National Publications.


    30% for in course Assessment and 70% for end-term Proctored Examination.