Sericulture Technology

By Dr.M.Swamiappan   |   Tamilnadu Agricultural University, Tamil Nadu
Sericulture Technology is an important village oriented Entrepreneur Development Programme.
The course aims at following objectives:

* To know Technology of Mulberry cultivation and basic inputs of water, irrigation, fertilizers, and pest management.
*To study the biology and varieties of mulberry silkworms and the basic techniques of silk production and construction of cocoons
* To follow proper  technology of rearing silkworm larvae and using disinfection methods so that to get healthy cocoons
*The course also aims to teach post cocoon techniques like stifling, reeling, and utilization of byproducts 
*Above all the sustainability to get a steady and reasonable income to growers and Sericulture farmers and improving rural economy are the ultimate  objectives of the course.

Learners enrolled: 572


Course Status : Ongoing
Course Type : Core
Duration : 8 weeks
Start Date : 22 Jan 2020
End Date : 15 Mar 2020
Exam Date : 16 Sep 2020
Enrollment Ends : 08 Mar 2020
Category :
  • Biological Sciences & Bioengineering
  • Level : Undergraduate


    Week- I

    1. Introducing the Basics of Sericulture
    2. Mulberry Cultivation
    3. Familiarising With the Methods of Propagation

    Week - II

    4. Understanding the Nutritional requirements 
    5. Getting to know irrigation

    Week - III

    6. Pruning of mulberries
    7. Harvesting Mulberries
    8. Understanding Pest Management

    Week - IV

    9. Understanding the History of Silkworm
    10. Classification of silkworm
    11. Morphology and Physiology of Mulberry Silkworm

    Week - V

    12. Comprehending the structure of Silkglands
    13. Rearing House and Silkworm Rearing
    14. Disinfecting Rearing house

    Week - VI

    15. Incubation of Silkworm Eggs and Chawki Worm Rearing
    16. Understanding the different stages of rearing

    Week - VII

    17. Understanding pests and diseases of silkworm
    18. Studying the Post Cocoon Technology

    Week - VIII

    19. Listing the By-Product Utilisation and Rearing of Non mulberry silk worms
    20. Exploring sustainability of rural economy using sericulture


    1. An Introduction to Sericulture by Ganga.

    2. Sericulture Manual by R K Patnaik.

    3. Silk Culture by S K Ananthanarayanan.

    4. Problems and Prospects of Sericulture by M.L. Narasaiah.

    5. Sericulture 2003 by Harryraj.

    6. Hand book of Silkworm Rearing by Tazim Fuji

    7. Shoot Feeding and Sericultural Trends by Sathe, T V & S H Thite 


    Dr.M.Swamiappan, Former Professor of Entomology, taught Sericulture Technology Course for UG B.Sc., Agriculture and PG in Agricultural Entomology Program. He has handled both theory and Practical classes on Mulberry Cultivation , Silk worm rearing, reeling technology. He has developed  a module for Sericulture Technology with sequence of Slide shows.


    30% for in course Assessment & 70% of end term Proctored Exam