Biomolecules: Structure, Function in Health and Disease

By Prof. M.R Rajeswari   |   Department of Biochemistry, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi
This course on Biomolecules is one of the basic course for all PG Students of Biological Sciences.
  • Gives an overview of  importance of biomolecules starting from the simplese molecule, water.
  • Elaborate the need to study proteins: Their 3D Structure,protein seperation,sequencing etc.
  • To understand the pathology and identifying biomrakers using clinical proteomics.
  • Explain in detail DNA,RNA their structures, interactions role in disease,genomics.epigenetics.
  • Enumerate the role of  carbohydrates,lipids and their cellular function in physiology and pathology.
  • To briefly introduce to system biology

Learners enrolled: 1296


Course Status : Ongoing
Course Type : Core
Duration : 15 weeks
Start Date : 06 Jan 2020
End Date : 18 Apr 2020
Exam Date : 09 May 2020
Enrollment Ends : 08 Mar 2020
Category :
  • Biological Sciences & Bioengineering
  • Level : Postgraduate


    Week 1
    Chemical bonds:Different types of Bonds, Bond energies,Bond Angles etc, Water:The molecule of life,Aqueous Solution,Acids & Bases,Measurements of pH, Henderson Haselbatch equation,Titration Curve & pK values,Buffers

    Week 2
    Amino acids, chirality, peptide bond and polypeptides,Structural levels of proteins and Stabilizing forces,Conformational properties of polypeptides and Ramachandran plot

    Week 3
    Turns, loops, Super secondary structures, motifs and domains in proteins,Structures and function of Fibrous Proteins,Structure and function of Actin and myosins

    Week 4
    Hemoglobin, Myoglobin and Oxygen binding,Role of Protein Structure in Health and Disease,Assessment 1

    Week 5
    Protein Seperation Techniques: Centrifugation & Chromatography,Protein sequencing

    Week 6
    Methods of structure determination of proteins : X-ray, NMR, CD etc,Clinical Proteomics

    Week 7
    Antigen-Antibody Complex and their Applications in Immunology,Protein-Ligand(Small Molecules including drugs) interaction

    Week 8
    Components of Nucleic Acids,Conformational parameters of Nucleic acids and DNA double helix,DNA Polymorphism

    Week 9
    Circular DNA,Supercoil DNA

    Week 10
    Interactions of small molecules (ions, drugs ) with DNA,Different types and structures of RNA

    Week 11
    DNA-Protein interactions,Assessment 2

    Week 12
    Introduction to Carbohydrates,Structures of polysaccharides,Saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, Nomenclature of fatty acids and Essential and non-essential fatty acids

    Week 13
    Glycoproteins and Proteoglycons,Classification of Lipids: simple and compound lipids, phospholipids, Cholesterol,Micelles and Liposomes : Applications in  biology and medicine

    Week 14
    Lipids: extraction, separation and analysis,Components and architecture of Cell membrane,Various membrane models including Fluid-mosaic model

    Week 15
    Cholesterol and its role in health and disease,Interrealtionship of Biomolecules : System Biology,Epigenetics and Human Diseases,Final Assessment


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    Prof. M.R Rajeswari

    Department of Biochemistry, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi
    Dr. MOGANTY R. RAJESWARI obtained her M.Sc. (Chem.) from Andhra University and M.Phil. and Ph.D. (Chem.) from University of Delhi. She has 30 years of teaching and 37 yrs of research experience. She supervised 44 thesis of Ph.D., M.D., M.D.S., M.Sc., M. Biotech. and M. Phil students as Chief- and co-supervisor and trained about 70 students from outside AIIMS She published more than 100 papers in International journals with high Impact Factors; written Reviews and authored two text books, “An Introduction to Biophysics” and “Studies on Carbapenemase and Membrane Proteome of Acinetobacter baumannii”;Chapters in text books of ‘Biochemistry”, NATO-published “Membrane biology” and e-book of NISCAIR-CSIR. She was the PI for developing E-Content for e-PG PATHSHALA under UGC-MHRD Project and National Coordinator for INDO–FRENCH Collaboration: between ICMR – INSERM programme on “TRE associated neuro disorders: “Fragile X, Friedreich’s Ataxia and other mental retardation”. Dr Rajeswari's major research interest has been 'Conformation of DNA, Protein and DNA-Protein Interactions in Health and Human Disease'. Her research interests include –a) the pathophysiology of unusual DNA structures in neurodegenerative disorders, FRDA, SCAs (2,3,12) which are associated with DNA repeat expansions and developing Biomarkers using Proteomics and nucleic acids ; b) Functional role of DNA binding HMG proteins in cancer progression and potential role as tumor markers ;c) application of DNA triple helix forming oligonucleotides as therapeutics in human disease. She received 18 Research grants from by DST, DBT, UGC and ICMR. She is the Organizing Secretary of: International Conference on “Advances in Molecular Mechanisms of Neurological Disorders” 2013;“One day Seminar on Integration of Teaching and Research in Biophysics at Graduate and Postgraduate Level”,2014 and International Conference on “Friedreich’s Ataxia and DNA Structure in Health and Diseases”, 2015 at AIIMS. Currently she is the National CoOrdinator for the UGC-MHRD -PG Pathshala to develop econtent at PG level for the subject Biophysics. She is currently is the National CoOrdinator for the UGC-MHRD -PG Pathshala to develop econtent at PG level for the subject Biophysics.


    30 Marks will be allocated for Internal Assessment and 70 Marks will be allocated for external proctored examination