By Dr. Nilam Panchal   |   B.K. School of Business Management, Gujarat University
The main objective of this course is develop entrepreneurial abilities by providing background information about support systems , skill sets , financial and risk covering institutions and other for building an enterprise so that future budding entrepreneurs can make right decisions for starting and running a venture.  With a solid introduction to the entrepreneurial process of creating new businesses, role of Creativity and innovation in Entrepreneurial start-ups, manage family-owned companies ,context of social innovation and social entrepreneurship and issues and practices of financing entrepreneurial businesses., and live cases of social , techno, women entrepreneurs along with visit and interaction with entrepreneurship development institutes in India, helps the participants in learning basic fundamentals of decision making towards establishing enterprises in real life situations. This course is intended to be a foundation course for those who plan to work and start a business enterprise. 

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Course Status : Ongoing
Course Type : Core
Duration : 12 weeks
Start Date : 13 Jul 2020
End Date : 05 Oct 2020
Exam Date :
Enrollment Ends : 31 Aug 2020
Category :
  • Management Studies
  • Level : Undergraduate

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    Unit - 1:Entrepreneurial Management  

    Lecture 1:Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Its Evolution 

    Lecture 2:Roles of an Entrepreneur 

    Lecture 3:Idea Generation, Screening, Selection and Managing Resources  

    Unit - 1:Entrepreneurial Management  


    Lecture 4: Leading and Building the team in an enterprise 

    Lecture 5:Strategic Planning for Business 

    Lecture 6:Forms of Ownership (Part-1) 


    Unit– 1: Entrepreneurial Management  

    Lecture 7:Forms of Ownership(Part-2) 

    Lecture 8: Franchising - form of Business Ownership 

    Lecture 9:Financing Entrepreneurial Ventures 


    Unit– 1: Entrepreneurial Management  

    Lecture 10 Managing growth, expansion and winding up of business 

    Lecture 11: 

    Valuation of a new company 

    Lecture 12: Corporate entrepreneurship 

    Lecture 13: 

    Entrepreneurship in the era of Globalization: Environment and Strategy 

    Unit – 2: 

    Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Innovation  

    Centre of Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship- An expert Interview 

    Lecture 14: 

    Entrepreneurship: Role of stimulating creativity 

    Lecture 15: 

    Creative teams and managerial responsibilities 


    Innovation and entrepreneurship: types and sources of innovation  

    Creativity and Innovations in Start Ups : A case of Altmat 

    Unit – 3: 

    Social entrepreneurship  


    Lecture 17: Introduction to social entrepreneurship 

    Lecture 18:Innovation and entrepreneurship in social context 

    Lecture 19: Start-ups, early venture issues 

    Startups in India –  Interviews of Founders and Supporters 

    Unit – 3: 

    Social entrepreneurship  

    Lecture 20:Sustainability of non-profit organizations 

    Lecture 21:Financing and risks in social enterprises 

    Lecture 22:Business Strategies and Scaling up 


    Unit – 4: Family business and entrepreneurship  

    Lecture 23:Family Business: Concept, Characteristics, and Kinds of family Business 

    Lecture 24:Conflict and Conflict resolution in Firm 

    Lecture 25:Managing leadership & succession planning in family business 

    Unit – 4: Family business and entrepreneurship  


    Lecture 27:Succession and Continuity 

    Lecture 28:Women entrepreneurship: issues, challenges 

    Lecture 29:Women issues and encouraging change in family business: A case analysis of Wastengage pvt. Ltd. 


    Funding &  

    Start up and Entrepreneurship Councils in India  

    Lecture 30: Arrangement of funds 

    Lecture 31: Exercise on writing of project report 

    Lecture 32: Entrepreneurial Financing and Risk 


    Lecture 33: Appraisal of loans by financial institutions 

    Lecture 34: Role of Commercial Banks in financing Business Entrepreneurs 

    Lecture 35: Venture Capital 

    Entrepreneurship Institutions in India -  A Visit to EDII 



    Dr. Nilam Panchal

    B.K. School of Business Management, Gujarat University
    Dr. NILAM PANCHAL, D.Litt (Management), PhD, M. Phil. (Gold Medalist), MBA, PGDIRPM (Gold Medalist) is working as an Associate Professor, B. K. School of Professional and Management Studies, Gujarat University. During the course of her career in academics, she completed the Faculty Development Programme in Management (FDPM) from the prestigious Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA). She has also completed the Specialized Faculty Development Programme (SFDP) on Finance & Accounting and Research at IIM Ahmedabad and Entrepreneurship Development Programme from EDII. She has over 19 years of academic and industry experience. She has authored more than 15 books, two of which are on Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Finance. She has keen interest in the course Entrepreneurship and she has travelled extensively in India and many member countries of ASEAN and the United Kingdom for academics. She has conducted Faculty, professional and Student Development programmes on Entrepreneurship in many institutions and public and private sector industrial organisations in India and abroad. He has written course Materials and cases for the PG Courses of MGNCE, Hyderabad (Govt. of India) and Courses of BAOU.