Corporate Tax Planning

By Professor Anirban Ghosh   |   Netaji Subhas Open University
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The Tax system  is an important subject to study. In India almost every university has included this subject in the syllabus of post graduate levels of study. Corporate tax planning is a specific and specialized area where the students may acquire knowledge on the subject. Corporate tax planning as a subject is very interesting to know how the corporate assesses plan to utilize various provision as provided in the Income Tax Act 1961 with an objective to minimize their tax liability. The students and practitioners in this field have to keep themselves updated with Finance Act  applicable for respective financial year. The present 4-credit course aims to give an idea on various approaches of tax planning and ways to minimize the tax liability within the legal framework
Course Status : Completed
Course Type : Core
Duration : 15 weeks
Category :
  • Commerce
Credit Points : 4
Level : Postgraduate
Start Date : 15 Jul 2021
End Date : 27 Oct 2021
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Course layout

Unit 1: Introduction,   Corporate   Tax   Planning, Tax Avoidance, Tax Evasion
M-1: Concepts & Objectives
M-2: Factors & Methods
M-3: Tax Planning and Corporate Planning
M-4: Different types of Company

Unit 2: Taxation of Companies (residential status, tax liability, MAT provision)
M-5: Residential status & Incidence of Tax for Corporate Assessee
M-6: Taxation of Company-Computation of tax liability
M-7: MAT-Provision
M-8: MAT Credit

Unit 3: Dividend  tax, Tax planning-I (Location   of business)
M-9: Dividend Tax-Types of dividend
M-10: Case study on dividend tax
M-11: Tax Planning- Employees’ Remuneration
M-12: Tax planning-Location of business

Unit 4: Tax Planning-Nature of business
M-13: Tax Planning- Nature of business- I (Sec. 32AD, 33AB, 3ABA) 
M-14: Tax Planning- Nature of business- II (Sec. 35ABB, 35AD)
M-15: Tax Planning- Nature of business- III (Sec. 80-IA, 80-IAC, 80-IB, 80-IBA, 80-ID, 80-IE , 80JJA)

Unit 5: Tax Planning-Forms of business
M-16: Tax Planning -Forms of business -I (Sole proprietorship & Partnership)
M-17: Tax Planning -Forms of business -II (Partnership & Company) 
M-18: Tax Planning -Forms of business -III (LLP & Company)

Unit-6: Tax Planning-Managerial decision
M-19: Tax Planning-Managerial decision-I (Capital structure & dividend policy)
M-20:  Tax Planning-Managerial decision-II (Procurement of assets-Lease vs. purchase)
M-21: Tax Planning-Managerial decision-III (Procurement of assets-Instalment vs. HP)

Unit-7: Tax Planning-Business Restructuring
M-22: Tax Planning-Managerial decision-IV (Make or buy)
M-23: Tax Planning-Scientific Research
M-24: Business Restructuring-Amalgamation

Unit-8: Tax Planning-Foreign Collaboration
M-25: Business Restructuring-Demerger- I
M-26: Business Restructuring-Demerger including Slump sale- II M-27: Case Study-I 
M-28: Case study -II


Unit   9:  Double   Taxation   Relief and Transfer pricing 
M-29: Double Taxation Relief

Unit 10: Tax Procedure and Management- I
M-30: Transfer Pricing and International /Cross border taxation
M-31: Advance Payment-Concepts and Problems
M-32: Voluntary return of income

Unit 11: Tax Procedure and Management-II
M-33: Tax Deduction at Source in Different Cases-I 
M-34: Tax Deduction at Source in Different Cases –II

Unit 12: Procedure and Management- III
M-35: Procedure of assessment, appeals & Revision -I
M-36: Procedure of assessment, appeals & Revision -II

Unit 13: Procedure and Management- IV
M-37: Search, Seizure and Assessment -I
M-38: Search, Seizure and Assessment -II 
M-39: Refund Procedure


Final test

Books and references

Students’ Guide to Income Tax by  V.K.Singhania & M. Singhania -Taxmann (latest edition)
Direct Tax Laws by Ahuja & Gupta, Wolters Kluwer (latest edition)
Website: www.incometax.gov.in

Instructor bio

Professor Anirban Ghosh

Netaji Subhas Open University
Dr. Anirban Ghosh, Professor of Commerce has been teaching Post Graduate level of students for more than 15 years at Netaji Subhas Open University. Currently he is holding the position of Director of two Schools viz. School of Professional Studies and School of Vocational Studies of the University. His areas of interest are taxation and finance. Dr. Ghosh has published three text books on taxation and cost accounting. He has published seven edited volumes as Editor. He has published a good number of research papers in International and National level peer reviewed journals. 
Dr. Ghosh received prestigious AAOU Staff Exchange Fellowship from Korea National Open University, South Korea (2010), Shanghai Open University, China (2014) and Universitas Terbuka, Indonesia (2017) to carry out his research. 
Dr. Ghosh has a keen interest in technology enabled learning to bring the education at the door steps of the thousands of higher education aspirants at remote corner.  Currently, he is working as Course Coordinator (CC) of a 4-credit MOOC titled “Corporate Tax Planning” (PG-Commerce, UGC) and “Introduction to GST” (Non-credit course, IGNOU) for SWAYAM. 

Course certificate

30% of internal assessment and 70% of term end final Proctored Examination.

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