Curriculum and Pedagogy of Teaching Physical Science

By Dr. V.P.Joshith   |   Central University of Kerala
Learners enrolled: 365
Curriculum and Pedagogy of Teaching Physical Science is a course meant for the B.Ed. S learners of Science Education. Both Physical Science and Natural Science learners can take this course. The course describes in detail about the methods of teaching science, scientific method, science curriculum in India and Abroad. ICT for science teaching, online and digital resources for science teaching, technological pedagogical content knowledge, different types of evaluation in science, science teacher, science laboratory & library, NCF with special focus on science, science education for differently abled, science scholarships programmes for children and different theories of learning Science along with pedagogical structuring of science contents of text books. The course contents can be used for science education scholars at master level also.
Course Status : Ongoing
Course Type : Elective
Duration : 12 weeks
Start Date : 11 Jan 2021
End Date : 30 Apr 2021
Exam Date :
Category :
Credit Points : 4
Level : Undergraduate/Postgraduate

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Course layout

Week 1
Module 1 Nature and Scope of Physical Science
Module 2 Aims and Objectives of Teaching Physical Science
Module 3 Methods of Teaching Physical Science

Week 2
Module 4 Models of Teaching
Module 5 Individualized and Innovative Teaching Physical Science
Module 6 Microteaching in Instruction

Week 3
Module 7 Learning as a Generative Process and Process skills in Science
Module 8 Basic Theories of Learning Science
Module 9 Curriculum Development

Week 4
Module 10 Curricular Reforms in India and Abroad
Module 11 School Science Curriculum
Module 12 National Curriculum Framework NCF 2005

Week 5
Module 13 Planning Instruction
Module 14 Pedagogic Analysis of Chemistry Class VIII
Module 15 Pedagogic Analysis of Physics Class VIII

Week 6
Module 16 Pedagogic Analysis of Chemistry Class IX
Module 17 Pedagogic Analysis of Physics Class IX
Module 18 Pedagogic Analysis of Chemistry Class X

Week 7
Module 19 Pedagogic Analysis of Physics Class X
Module 20 Scientific Method - I
Module 21 Scientific Method - II

Week 8
Module 22 Evaluation in Science Teaching - I
Module 23 Evaluation in Science Teaching - II 
Module 24 The Professional Science Teacher

Week 9
Module 25 Science Library and Laboratory
Module 26 Resource Materials in Science Teaching
Module 27 Computer and Digital Resources in Science Teaching - I

Week 10
Module 28 Computer and Digital Resources in Science Teaching - II
Module 29 Co-curricular Activities and Action Research in Science
Module 30 Science Education for Exceptional Children

Week 11
Module 31 Science Scholarship Programmes for Children
Module 32  Science for the Better Development of the Society
Module 33 ICT for Better Teaching and Learning in Science - I

Week 12
Module 34 ICT for Better Teaching and Learning in Science - I
Module 35 Techno Pedagogical and Content Knowledge (TPACK)
Module 36 Open Educational Resources (OER) & Free Open Source Software (FOSS)

Books and references

Given Under Each Module

Instructor bio

Dr. V.P.Joshith

Central University of Kerala
Dr. V.P.Joshith, Working as Assistant Professor in the Department of Education, Central University of Kerala, have got more than 13 years of teaching experience in the field of Education. His areas of interest are Science Education, Technology of Education, Advanced Educational Statistics and Psycho-metrics. He had been a recipient of UGC Post-doctoral Research Award and has got many research projects to his credit. As a teacher educator he had contributed to the academic literature with many articles in National and international journals. He has been acting as resource person for many of the academic programmes in India and Abroad and had visited some of the pioneer educational institutions in abroad. Other than the academic activities, he has been associated with many student oriented activities of SWAYAM Coordinator, NSS Programme officer, Co-ordinator for International students and others. For the past five years he was associated with CEC, CIET-NCERT for the e-content development process. Designing Courses through MOODLE/SWAYAM is the latest pedagogical practice that he is handling and training at present. Teaching is his passion and diversified online teaching is his dream, a strong performer in real classroom he feels that the creativity and reality in classrooms can be brought in the virtual medium like SWAYAM also.

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