Indian Society - Social Problems and Issues

By Dr. Sobhana Mishra   |   EMRC Director (Retd) Madurai Kamaraj University
Learners enrolled: 1185
Social problems and issues is one of the major papers offered in Sociology, Social Science and Humanities. Social problem is condition in Society which is judged to be undesirable and in need of reform or elimination. The social issues like poverty, unemployment, migration, crime, delinquency, drug abuse, child abuse, crime against women, crime against children, discrimination on the basis of Caste, class & religion , corruption, family and health problems, education, political, economic, cultural and environment issues and human rights violation all need to be seen in the socio economic repercussions. 

This course explains about the social problems faced by the individuals and the society and introspects how to handle the issues in socioeconomic perspectives.

This course is imperative to all Social science and sociology students as it deals with major problems of society and equip them to deal with it to overcome certain issues by helping the concerned individual or society or authorities towards making a better society.

Course Status : Completed
Course Type : Core
Duration : 12 weeks
Category :
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
Credit Points : 4
Level : Undergraduate
Start Date : 14 Jul 2021
End Date : 03 Oct 2021
Enrollment Ends : 14 Sep 2021
Exam Date :

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Course layout

Week 1 

1. Introduction to Social Problems and Classification
2. Structural & Social Disorganisation & Social Problems
3. Merton Theory of Anomie
4. Poverty

Week 2 

5. Inequality in Caste
6. Inequality in Gender

Week 3 

7. Disharmony
8. Religious and Ethnic Minorities
9. Backward Classes and Dalits

Week 4 

10. Social Deviance
11. Alcoholism and Drug Abuse
12. Substance Abuse and Prostitution
13. Drug Abuse in India

Week 5

14. Crime and Deliquency
15. Corruption
16. Changing Profile of Crime and Criminals
17. Suicide

Week 6

18. Crime against Women
19. Sexual Assault and Violence
20. Child Abuse
21. Status of Children in India

Week 7

22. Family Problems
23. Problems at the Individual and Family Level
24. Conflict - Causes, Consequences and remedies
25. Depression - Causes, Consequences and remedies

Week 8

26. Dowry, Divorce, Separation and Dessertion
27. Domestic Violence
28. Single Parenting
29. Problems of Elderly

Week 9

30. Health Problems
31. Consumerism
32. Crisis of Values
33. Causes of Social Disorganisation

Week 10

34. Developmental problems in Indian Society
35. Regional Disparities
36. Development induced displacement
37. Ecological Degradation and Environmental Pollution 

Week 11

38. Sociological Perspectives
39. Cultural perspectives

Week 12

40. Political Perspectives
41. Economic Perspectives

Books and references

1.Economic Dimensions of Gender Inequality: A Global Perspective by Janet M. Rives

2.Corruption in India. (Agenda for Action) by Sanjivi Guhan, Paul Samuel

3.Preventing violence against women and children by Ronald B. Taylor

4. Epoch of Disharmony by Billiam

5. Social Disorganization in India by Memoria, C.B.

Instructor bio

Dr. Sobhana Mishra

EMRC Director (Retd) Madurai Kamaraj University
Dr. Sobhana Mishra did her Masters in Sociology and Ph.D., in Medical Sociology from Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai. Has more than 17 years of research and teaching experience in the field of Sociology, Mass Communication and Educational Communication, Educational technology, radio/television broadcast and Social studies.  Undergone courses related to educational technology in USA sponsored by USAID in 1996.  Also undergone courses on educational television research and production organized by DECU Indian Space Research Organization, Ahmedabad, Government of India in 1988. Worked  as Director, Educational Multimedia Research Centre, Madurai Kamaraj University from 2010 to 2017 and retired.

Worked as Research Scientist for 16 years in Educational Media Research Centre, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai, which includes media research, production of educational Television programmes and teaching of M.Phil and PG students of Development Communication and Sociology.  

• Presented 9 research papers and Authored 22 research reports.
• Undergone training sponsored by USTTI for educational technology at Washington DC, USA and DECU ISRO. 
• Member of Central Preview Committee of CEC, New Delhi. 
• Guest faculty at Institute of Applied Man Power Research, Planning Commission, Govt of India, New Delhi. 
• Life member of various national and international bodies related to medical sociology, communication etc. 
• Member, Board of Studies of various organizations.  
• Produced 16 educational programmes including Bhatnagar Laureates Series for UGC Countrywide Classroom telecast.  Awarded as a co-producer of E-TV programme  ‘Mohanjodaro’  produced by EMRC, Madurai Kamaraj University as best programme award.  Apart from this Produced 44 videos and 40 e-contents in Sociology for NME-ICT project of MHRD. 
• As the Director of EMRC, Madurai developed e-contents for 5 UG courses namely:

1. B.A Sociology, 2. B.A. Karnatic Music, 3. B.Ed Elementary education, 4. B.Ed Special Education for Visually Impaired 5.B.Sc Agricultural Science

39 MOOCs courses were developed in the above subjects under Dr.Sobhana’s guidance.

Since 2010 -  Resourse person in training the Teacher participants of HRDC MKU, Avinashilingam Womens University, Coimbatore and various other institutions in Tamilnadu in the Development of E-Contents. 

Course certificate

30% for in course Assessment & 70% of end term Proctored Exam

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