Study of Art History of Prose Forms of Urdu (AECC)

By Dr. Mushtaq Hussain Magloo   |   University of Kashmir, Hazratbal, Srinagar (J&K)
Learners enrolled: 566
The course “Study of Art, History of Prose Forms of Urdu” is an Ability Enhancement Complimentary Course (AECC-3) in B.A Urdu (Hons) as per UGC CBCS Curriculum. The course is specially designed to supplement and enhance the understanding of students about different dimensions of Urdu Prose and its art. To make the students understand basic features of prose genres as prescribed in the curriculum. This course provides an in depth knowledge of some important prose genres like Dastaam, Afsana, Novel, Mazmoon, Safarnama, Swaneh, Khudnawisht, Inshyiah, Reportage  and Maktoob Nigari, covering their form, art and  the stages of Development.
Course Status : Completed
Course Type : Elective
Duration : 6 weeks
Category :
Credit Points : 2
Level : Undergraduate
Start Date : 22 Feb 2021
End Date : 03 Apr 2021
Enrollment Ends : 28 Feb 2021
Exam Date : 05 May 2021 IST

Note: This exam date is subjected to change based on seat availability. You can check final exam date on your hall ticket.

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Course layout

1. Dastaan Ka Funn
2. Urdu Dastaan Ka Aagaz Wa Irtiqa
3. Dastanoo Kay Tehzeebi Anasir
4. Mazmoon Nigari Ka Fun
5. Mazmoon Nigari Ka Aagaz Wa Irtiqa
6. Khaka Ki Sinfi Shinakhat
7. Urdu Mein Khaka Nigari Ka Aagaz Wa Irtiqa
8. Khaka Kundan ek Jaizah
9. Safar Namah Nigari Ka Fun
10. Urdu Safar Namah Nigari Ka Aagaz Wa Irtiqa
11. Sawaneh Nigari Ka Fun
12. Urdu Mein Sawaneh Nigari  Ki Riwayat
13. Khudnawisht Nigari Ka Fun
14. Urdu Mein Khudnawisht Nigari
15. Inshayiah Ki Sinfi Shinakhat Aur Lawazimat
16. Urdu Mein Inshayiah Nigari
17. Repotage Nigari Ka Fun
18. Urdu Mein Resportage Ki Riwayat
19. Maktoob Nigari Ka Fun
20. Maktoob Nigari Aur Aus Ki Mukhtasir Tareeqh

Books and references

1. Urdu Ki Nasri Dastaanien by Gian Chand Jain
2. Urdu Nasr Ka Irtiqa by Farman Fatehpuri
3. Adabi Asnaf by Prof. Gyan Chand Jain
4. Urdu Mein Sawaneh Nigari by Shah Ali
5. Inshaiyah Ki Buniyaad by Saleem Akhter
6. Urdu Mei Reportage Nigari by Talat Gul
7. Urdu Novel Ki Tareekh Wa Tanqeed by Ali Abbass Hussaini
8. Biswi Sadi Mei Urdu Novel by Yousuf Sarmast
9. Novel Ki Tanqeedi Tareekh by Ahsan Farooqi
10. Fun Afsana Nigari by Waqar Azeem
11. Urdu Mukhtasar Afsana: Fani Wa Takneeki Mutaleh by Nighat Rehana

Instructor bio

Dr. Mushtaq Hussain Magloo

University of Kashmir, Hazratbal, Srinagar (J&K)
Dr. Mushtaq Hussain Magloo, Known in literary circles by his pen name mushtaq haider holds master’s degree in Urdu from the University of Kashmir and did his his M.Phil and Ph.D under the supervision of (Late) Professor Majeed Muzmar a renowned Urdu scholar of his times at the University of Kashmir. Dr. Mushtaq possesses Degree in Education and Diplomas in IT and Urdu Journalism as well, and has worked as an Urdu journalist in some reputed news papers before joining the University of Kashmir as a faculty in Urdu. He currently teaches at the Department of Urdu, University of Kashmir, and has been a guest faculty in the Department of Education, the University of Kashmir. His basic research interests include Urdu Poetry and Urdu Fiction with a major focus on Critical appreciation of the content using modern tools of criticism. He has four books and more than 40 research papers and book chapters to his credit in addition of two text book series’ (Each comprised of 8 parts) that has been included in the curriculum of more than three hundred institutions in the country. Dr. Mushtaq is on the editorial board of some prestigious journals and has been an invited speaker at various literary meetings/conferences/seminars at regional and national level. He is a member of many literary bodies like J&K Urdu Akademi, The Jammu and Kashmir Fiction Writers’ Guild and All India University Urdu Teachers’ Association. He is currently a part of Bharatvani-- A National Project on Digitization of Indian Languages at (CIIL) Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore, sponsored by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of Higher Education, Government of India. He is also Principal investigator of a project entitled “A brief History of Urdu Short Story in Kashmir” sponsored by the National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language, New Delhi.

Course certificate

30% for in-course assessment and 70% for end term proctored exam

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