Fundamentals of Legal Aspects of Business

By Dr. Mamta Brahmbhatt   |   B .K. School of Professional Studies and Management, Gujarat University
Learners enrolled: 912

The current core course has been specifically designed for the students studying in the arena of law at college or university level as per UGC approved curriculum. 

In addition, this said core course can also be studied by the undergraduate students pursuing course in relevant disciplines of Management, Commerce, Education, HR, and other related disciplines. 

In this course an attempt is made to introduce the students to certain important legal aspects of business. Emphasis is placed on active, experiential application of legal reasoning and analysis and on the global and comparative dimensions of legal and ethical issues. 

This course covers major areas of legal regulation to which businesses are subject. This course examines the formulation, interpretation, and application of law to business.

Course Status : Ongoing
Course Type : Core
Duration : 8 weeks
Start Date : 18 Jan 2021
End Date : 21 Mar 2021
Exam Date :
Enrollment Ends : 28 Feb 2021
Category :
Level : Undergraduate

Course layout

WEEK_1_M_1_The Indian Contract Act 1872 (Part 1)
WEEK_1_M_2_The Indian Contract Act 1872 (Part 2) 
WEEK_1_M_3_The Indian Contract Act 1872 (Part 3)
WEEK_2_M_4_The Indian Contract Act 1872 (Part 4) 
WEEK_2_M_5_Sale of Goods Act (Part 1)
WEEK_2_M_6_Sale of Goods Act (Part 2)
WEEK_3_M_7_Negotiable Instruments 1881 Act (Part 1)
WEEK_3_M_8_Negotiable Instruments Act 1881 (Part 2)
WEEK_3_M_9_Negotiable Instruments Act 1881 (Part 3)
WEEK_4_M_10_The Companies Act 2013 (Part 1)
WEEK_4_M_11_The Companies Act (Part 2) 
WEEK_4_M_12_The Companies Act (Part 3)
WEEK_5_M_13_The Companies Act (Part 4)
WEEK_5_M_14_Limited Liability Partnership Act 2008 (Part 1)
WEEK_5_M_15_Limited Liability Partnership Act 2008 (Part 2) 
WEEK_6_M_16_Consumer Protection Act 1986 (Part 1)
WEEK_6_M_17_Consumer Protection Act 1986 (Part 2)
WEEK_7_M_18_Consumer Protection Act 1986 (Part 3)  
WEEK_7_M_19_Consumer Protection Act 1986 (Part 4) 
WEEK_8_M_20_The Right to Information Act 2005 (Part 1)
WEEK_8_M_21_The Right to Information Act 2005 (Part 2) 

Books and references

1_Kucchal M.C. (2002), Business Law, Vikas Publishing House Pvt. Ltd., NewDelhi
2_Aggarwal, Rohini (2003), Student’s Guide to Mercantile and Commercial Laws, Taxmann’s, New Delhi
3_Gulshan S.S. (2006), Business Law, Excel Books, NewDelhi.
4_Sheth Tejpal (2012), Legal Aspects of Business for GTU, Pearson, New Delhi
5_The Indian Contract & Specific Relief Acts (Set of 2 Volumes) (2017)- Pollock and Sir Dinshaw Fardunji Mulla 

Instructor bio

Dr. Mamta Brahmbhatt

B .K. School of Professional Studies and Management, Gujarat University
Dr. Mamta Brahmbhatt, Associate Professor at B.K. School of Professional and Management Studies, Gujarat University.  From this academic year, she has established department of Business Intelligence at B.K. School and started MBA in Business Intelligence and PG diploma courses and certificate programs related to data analysis.  She is the coordinator of Post Graduate Diploma in International Business and Post Graduate Diploma in Research Methodology for Management Academy of BKSBM, Gujarat University. During the course of her academic journey, she has been awarded for “Best Research Paper Award” 21 times, she was selected for “Jewel of India Award” by Economic Growth Society of India and she is the recipient of National Education Award for Best Professor in Operation Management and Education Leadership Award from Dewang Mehta National Education and Teaching Excellence Award by Higher Education Forum_Gujarat Chapter. She is also recipient of  MTC Global Distinguished Teachers Award Management -2020 and National Eminent Young Researcher Award 2020 by International Institute of Organized Research. Dr. Brahmbhatt has published papers in several major international and national referred journals. Her publication includes 130 plus published research papers and 30 books. She has put her learning and academic & corporate experience behind development of this course, its syllabus, the methods & modules and the selection of subject matter experts.

Course certificate

The course is free to enroll and learn.
However, if you wish to get a certificate, you need to register and appear for a proctored exam.
If you succeed in the examination, a certificate will be issued by the host university (Gujarat University).
All related information will be notified on SWAYAM platform.
Assessment: 30% for in-course assessment, 70% for end-term proctored exam.

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