Integrated Marketing Communication and Sales force

By Dr. Soma Nath   |   St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous)
Learners enrolled: 1561
The objective of this course is to help the students understand the principles, practice and elements of marketing communication and to provide a comprehensive managerial framework for integrated marketing communications programme.  The course will give a broader concept of integrated marketing communication and how it becomes effective to the companies. The elements of integrated marketing communication are explained extensively.  Sales force is a part of personal selling.  Personal selling is an element of integrated marketing communication.  In today’s market driven economy interactive marketing is essential.  Sales force is vital to create that interaction between company and the customers.  
Course Status : Completed
Course Type : Elective
Duration : 6 weeks
Category :
Credit Points : 2
Level : Undergraduate
Start Date : 25 Jan 2021
End Date : 06 Mar 2021
Enrollment Ends : 28 Feb 2021
Exam Date :

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Course layout

Module 1: Concept of advertising 
Module 2: Classification of advertising 
Module 3: Integrated marketing communication 
Module 4: Models for marketing communication: DAGMAR and AIDAS 

Module 5: Media Planning
Module 6: Media in advertising: Print media
Module 7: Media in advertising: Electronic media
Module 8: Media in advertising: Other media

Module 9: Advertising agencies: concept and functions
Module 10: Testing of advertising: Pre testing and Post testing
Module 11: Sales Promotion: concepts and functions
Module 12: Sales Promotion: strategies

Module 13: Personal selling 
Module 14: Public relation
Module 15: Direct marketing
Module 16: Network scheduling

Module 17: Organization of the sales force
Module 18: Sales forecasting: concepts and techniques
Module 19: Sales forecasting: Techniques 
Module 20: Motivating the sales force 

Module 21: Compensation of sales force 
Module 22: Territory management  
Module 23: Sales quotas.  

Books and references

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Instructor bio

Dr. Soma Nath

St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous)
Dr. Soma Nath is a Post graduate and Ph. D. in Commerce from the University of Calcutta in 2018. Her research interest includes supply chain management and its sustainability in different sectors, namely, jute, dairy, fast moving consumer goods and large format retailing.  Presently working as an Assistant Professor, U.G. Department of Management, and PG department of St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous). She has 12 years of teaching experience of the UG department. She has contributed an article along with her supervisor in the book Emerging Issues on Inclusive Growth, Business and Environment, edited by J. Felix Raj, Dominic Savio, S. L. Chakravarty and Samrat Roy. She has presented a paper in National Seminar on BENCHMARKING ENVIRONMENTAL INITIATIVES, organized by Department of Business Management, University of Calcutta on AN OVERVIEW OF SUSTAINABLE SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT.

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