Institutional food Service Management

By Dr.Vipparti Vijaya Lakshmi   |   The English and Foreign Languages University (Host University)
Learners enrolled: 288
The hospitality industry is growing very rapidly in India. This gives a plenty of opportunities to the students of Institutional Food Service Management. The course includes various topics from designing the kitchen and work space, selection of equipment and maintenance, personal and finance management, food management, hygiene and sanitation to menu planning and food composition and nutritional values.

This course will be very useful to those who are interested in establishing a food service industry in making available hygienically prepared, wholesome and nutritious food to the consumers.
Course Status : Ongoing
Course Type : Core
Duration : 12 weeks
Start Date : 22 Aug 2022
End Date :
Exam Date :
Enrollment Ends : 15 Sep 2022
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  • Agricultural and Food Engineering
Level : Undergraduate

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Weekly Lecture Topics


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  1. Food service institutions in India
  2. Food Service Management – Definition, Principles and Functions of Food Service Management
  3. Tools of Food Service Management
  4. Resources used in food  service establishments




  1. Approaches for Managing food service industry
  2. Menu planning, purchasing and storage of food for quantity food production
  3. Composition and Processing of cereals
  4. Pulses and Legumes




  1. Meat types selection spoilage preservation cooking
  2. Structure, composition and nutritive value Of Egg and Poultry
  3. Uses of sugar in cookery
  4. Fats and Oils




  1. Leavening agents
  2. Nutritional aspects and use of vegetables and fruits
  3. Role of Spices, Herbs and Condiments
  4. Convenience foods




  1. Production, processing, cost and nutritional aspects of beverages
  2. Food Standards
  3. Sensory evaluation of food samples and container evolution
  4. Food Analysis




  1. Kitchen Management
  2. Strategic planning
  3. Cooking and presentation techniques, Production cycle Food Production cycle
  4. Feasibility Study for starting a Food Service Outlet



  1. Acquisition of resources and organization
  2. Laws governing food service establishments
  3. Laws concerning hygiene and safety
  4. Hygiene, sanitation and safety of quantity food production



  1. Importance of the costing of the Product
  2. Costing methodology in catering business
  3. Material costing, yield analysis, mark up policy
  4. Food cost control in catering business



  1. Accounting ratios – importance, significance and limitations, types of ratios
  2. Break even analysis, variance analysis
  3. Profit planning
  4. Quality control and Internal control in Food Industry



  1. Waste control and sanitation Government regulations for quality standards
  2. Recording and Reporting control charts Production control
  3. Personnel Management
  4. Employee Benefits and Training


Books and references

  1. Institutional Food Management, By Mohini Sethi, New Age International Publishers
  2. Food Service Management: How to Succeed in the High-risk Restaurant Business by Someone Who Did. By Bill Wentz. Atlantic Publishing Group.
  3. Restaurant Marketing for Owners and Managers. By Patti J. Shock. Wiley Restaurant Basics Series, publisher.
  4. The Non-Commercial Food Service Manager's Handbook: A Complete Guide for Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Military, Prisons, Schools and Churches. By Douglas R. Brown and Shri Henkel. Atlantic Publishing Group Inc.
  5. Managing Food and Nutrition Services for Culinary, Hospitality, and Nutrition Professions. By Sari Edelstein, editor. Jones and Bartlett Learning, publisher.

Instructor bio

Dr.Vipparti Vijaya Lakshmi

The English and Foreign Languages University (Host University)
Dr. V.Vijaya Lakshmi was a recipient of ICAR JRF for her M.Sc and ICSSR fellowship for her Ph.D. She has retired as the Dean for the Faculty of Community Science, in PJTS Agricultural University, Hyderabad.
  • She has 36 years of experience in teaching, research and extension.
  • She has 50  national and international research papers to her credit.
  • Presented papers in National and International conferences
Presented an 8 weeks MOOC programme on Nutrition, Health and Therapeutics with IIT Kanpur, NPTEL and COL, Vancouver, Canada and a 12 weeks course on Food Science & Processing, Diet Management in Health and Disease and Food safety and quality control, Human Nutrition and Biochemistry from EFLU. She was the course coordinator for the Dietetics programme in B.Sc. Home Science from EFLU with 160 lessons and presented 10 lessons. 
  1. Was involved in teaching all the UG, PG and PhD courses 
  2. She is a reviewer for research articles for many journals
  3. Operated 12 research projects.

Course certificate

30 per cent for in course Assessment And 70 Per cent for end term proctored exam.

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