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By Dr. Rizwan Rehman   |   Dibrugarh University
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This course covers two aspects of programming i.e. solving the problem using different techniques like algorithm, flowchart and decision table and then writing the programs using the syntax of Python language to obtain the computer solution to the problem. Python is a simple and easy to understand language. It is a great language to start as a beginner and then to scale up to professional programmer. This course will help enhancing the problem solving skills of the undergraduate student using the python language. 

Course Status : Completed
Course Type : Core
Duration : 12 weeks
Category :
  • Computer Science and Engineering
Credit Points : 4
Level : Undergraduate
Start Date : 28 Jul 2022
End Date : 31 Oct 2022
Enrollment Ends : 15 Sep 2022
Exam Date :

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Course layout

Week 1: Planning the Computer Program: Concept of problem solving, Problem definition, Program design, Debugging, Types of errors in programming, Documentation.

Week 2Techniques of Problem Solving: Flowcharting, decision table, algorithms, Structured programming concepts, Programming methodologies viz. top-down and bottom-up programming.

Week 3Introduction to Python: Structure of a Python Program, Elements of Python, Python Interpreter, Using Python as calculator, Python shell, Indentation. Atoms, Identifiers and keywords, Literals, Strings and Operators.

Week 4Conditional Statements and Looping: Branching, Looping, Conditional Statement, Exit function, Difference between break, continue and pass.

Week 5String Manipulation: Understanding string, Accessing Strings, Basic Operations, String slices, Function and Methods.

Week 6List: Introduction to list, Accessing list, list operations, Working with lists, Function and Methods.

Week 7Tuples: Introduction to tuple, Accessing tuples, Operations, Working, Functions and Methods.

Week 8: Dictionary: Introduction to dictionaries, Accessing values in dictionaries, Working with dictionaries, Properties, Functions.

Week 9Python Functions: Defining a function, Calling a function, Types of functions, Function Arguments, Anonymous functions, Global and local variables, Organizing python codes using functions.

Week 10Python Modules: Organizing python projects into modules, Importing own module as well as external modules, Understanding Packages, modules and external packages.

Week 11Input-Output: Printing on screen  , Reading data from keyboard , Opening and closing file , Reading and writing files , Functions.

Week 12Exception Handling: Introduction to Exception, Exception Handling, Except clause, Try ? finally clause, User Defined Exceptions.

Books and references

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Instructor bio

Dr. Rizwan Rehman

Dibrugarh University
Dr. Rizwan Rehman is an Assistant Professor from the Centre for Computer Science and Applications, Dibrugarh University, who specializes in Computer Programming, Machine Learning and Speech Processing. He has done his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Dibrugarh University. He has a teaching experience of 17 years.

Course certificate

70% end term exam and 30% internal assessment
Minimum 40% in each would be required to pass the course and get completion certificate

Once again, thanks for your interest in our online course. Happy learning.

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