Tourism Planning and Sustainable Development

By Prashant Kumar Gautam   |   Panjab University | Chandigarh
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This course is an attempt to prevent disorderly tourism development, in order to successfully overcome the daily changes that occur in turbulent surrounding, planning of sustainable tourism development occurs as the only way to do it successfully. So, sustainable development refers to the use without exploitation of natural, cultural and all other tourist resources from the current generation, it means to preserve them for future use by future generations. Since the development of tourism in a certain area largely dependent on natural and anthropogenic attractiveness which are located in the surrounding, the practicing of sustainable development gets more and more important. 

Course Status : Completed
Course Type : Core
Duration : 15 weeks
Category :
  • Multidisciplinary
Credit Points : 4
Level : Postgraduate
Start Date : 25 Jul 2022
End Date : 30 Oct 2022
Enrollment Ends : 15 Sep 2022
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Course layout

Week 1
Introductory Video
M01- Levels, type and process of planning

Week 2
M02- Conceptualization, Background Analysis, In-depth Research and Analysis Phase
M03- Tourism project feasibility study

Week 3
M04- Synthesis phase and preparation of statements in Destination planning
M05-Policy making bodies in India
M06-Involvement of Local community in tourism Development

Week 4
M07-An outline of L K Jha Committee, 1963
M08-National Tourism Policy, 1982
M09-Destination Development and its components

Week 5
M10- National action Plan on Tourism, 1992
M11- The latest policy document on tourism
M12- Tourism Planning at International, National and State Level

Week 6
M13- Tourism and Five year plans in India
M14- Objective Setting, Goal setting, Strategy setting and Plan writing
M15- Techniques of Plan Formulation

Week 7
M16- Planning for tourism Destinations
M17- Tourism planning, significance, Constraints, Grey areas and Scope
M18- Destination Life Cycle Concept

Week 8
M19- Sources of Funding, Incentives & Concessions extended for tourism Projects
M20- Economics of Tourism
M21- Positive and negative impacts of tourism (environmental, economic, socio-cultural).

Week 9
M22- Concept of mass tourism
M23- Emergence of alternative tourism, conventional versus alternative tourism
M24- Mass vis-à-vis selective tourism. 

Week 10
M25- Synergism between tourism promotion & nature conservation
M26- Environment and tourism – areas of conflict, symbiosis and synergy
M27- Tourism in various bio-geographic realms and specific situation of environmental concern.

Week 11
M28- United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) Agenda 21
M29- Sustainable Development: Historical Background
M30- The Nature and Scope of Sustainable Tourism

Week 12
M31- Towards a New Approach to Sustainable Tourism Management
M32- Global Warming and Sustainable Development
M33- Environmental Dimension

Week 13
M34- Economic Dimension
M35- Social Dimension
M36- Sustainable Tourism Development-Guiding Principles for Planning and Management

Week 14
M37- Empowering Community through tourism
M38- Community based tourism
M39- Ecotourism

Week 15
M40- Future of Sustainable Tourism

(M= Module)

Books and references

Sustainable Tourism: A Global perspective by Rob Harris, Tony Griffin, Peter Williams , Butterworth –Heinemann.

Sustainable Tourism by S.P. Sing, http://www.bagchee.com/

Sustainable Development of Tourism: An Annotated Bibliography by World Tourism Organization.

Cases in Sustainable Tourism; an Experiential Approach to Making Decisions by lrene Herremans.

Sustainable Tourism; Theory and Practice by David Weaver Powell’s City of Books

Sustainable Tourism: Himalayan Experiences, S P Bansal & Prashant Gautam, Indus Publication 

Instructor bio

Prashant Kumar Gautam

Panjab University | Chandigarh
Dr. Prashant Kumar Gautam is working as Professor of Tourism at Panjab University, Chandigarh. He is also serving as Dean, Faculty of Tourism & Hospitality at Punjab Technical University. In addition to this, he is 
  • Member Himachal Pradesh State Higher Educational Council (HPSHEC), Govt. Of Himachal Pradesh (2019 onwards)
  • Treasurer of ITHC (Indian Tourism and Hospitality Congress): A National Association of Indian Tourism & Hospitality Academics. (2014 Onwards)
  • Member AICTE -All India Board of Hospitality and Tourism Management (2016 Onwards) 
  • Member Board of Governors (BoG) Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management (An Organisation of Ministry of Tourism, Govt. Of India) (2019-21)
  • Associated in academic assignments with European University of Tourism (UET), Italy, Eurasian National University, Kazakhstan and University of Medditarian Karpasia, Cyprus.
  • Served as Director at Institute of Hotel and Tourism Management (UIHTM), Panjab University w.e.f. 19 August 2015 till 30.04.2019
He is having Teaching Experience of more than 20 years. He has published 14 books and 51 research papers. Under him 5 students have already completed their Ph.D. degree. 

Course certificate

30% Internal Assessment
70% End Term Online Examination

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