Counseling Psychology

By Dr Mamta Sharma, Professor of Psychology   |   Department of Psychology | Punjabi University | Patiala
Learners enrolled: 2575
The course of Counselling Psychology would cover the essential and relevant topics. These topics are taught at the PG level in most of the universities. The course would help students learn the basic process , skills and approaches of counseling. Counselling Psycholgy is a very popular and widely applicable option. The topics covered would help the students develop a basic orientation about Counselling Psychology. Knowledge of Counselling psychology would help students in future if they want to practice counselling in any sphere (school, hospital, industries, drug de-addiction centres etc.)

The course 
a) Is a part of approved curriculum being transacted in most of the Universities of India
b) Is taught at the M.A/M.Sc./PG level 
Course Status : Completed
Course Type : Core
Duration : 15 weeks
Category :
  • Multidisciplinary
Credit Points : 4
Level : Postgraduate
Start Date : 25 Jul 2022
End Date : 30 Oct 2022
Enrollment Ends : 15 Sep 2022
Exam Date :

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Course layout

Counselling Psychology is an applied paper. It is one of the most sought after options in Psychology. Every student of Psychology is expected to have knowledge of counselling because the option has a large applicability. The course would help in preparing a foundation in counselling. It would prepare students to learn the basic concepts, processes and theoretical models in Counselling Psychology. Furthermore the skills and areas of Counselling, that would be taught in the course, would help students in every Psychology related occupation. The content of the course is as follows:

  1. Counselling: Overview
  2. Counselling: History
  3. Training of Counsellors 
  4. Counselling: Ethics
  5. Counselling Processes: Effective Counselling relationship
  6. Counselling Processes: Counselling Skills
  7. Counselling Processes: Counselling Skills
  8. Counselling Processes: Counselling Skills
  9. Counselling: Stage 1- Rapport and Relationship
  10. Counselling: Stage 2- Assessing client problems
  11. Counselling: Stage 3- Developing counselling goals
  12. Counselling: Stage 4- Strategies and intervention
  13. Counselling: Stage 5- Termination and follow up
  14. Counselee Appraisal: Testing Techniques
  15. Counselee Appraisal: Testing Techniques
  16. Counselee Appraisal: Non-testing Techniques
  17. Counselee Appraisal: Non-testing Techniques
  18. Counselling: Approaches- Psychoanalytic
  19. Counselling: Approaches- Psychoanalytic
  20. Counselling: Approaches- Psychoanalytic
  21. Counselling: Approaches- Behavioural
  22. Counselling: Approaches- Behavioural
  23. Counselling: Approaches- Behavioural
  24. Counselling: Approaches- Cognitive
  25. Counselling: Approaches- Cognitive
  26. Counselling: Approaches- Cognitive
  27. Counselling: Approaches- Humanistic
  28. Counselling: Approaches- Humanistic
  29. Counselling: Approaches- Humanistic
  30. Counselling Applications: Child and adolescent
  31. Counselling Applications: School counselling
  32. Counselling Applications: Marriage and Family
  33. Counselling Applications: Career and Occupation
  34. Counselling Applications: Rehabilitation and Mental Health
  35. Counselling Applications: Child abuse
  36. Counselling Applications: Substance abuse
  37. Counselling Applications: HIV/AIDS
  38. Special Problems in Counselling
  39. Special Problems in Counselling
  40. Counsellor burnout and self-renewal

Books and references

  • Douglas, B., Woolfe, R., Strawbridge, S., Kasket, E., & Galbraith, V. (Eds.). (2016). The handbook of counselling psychology (4th ed.). Sage Publications.
  • Galbraith, V. (Ed.). (2017). Counselling Psychology. Routledge.
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Instructor bio

Dr Mamta Sharma, Professor of Psychology

Department of Psychology | Punjabi University | Patiala
Dr. Mamta Sharma
Professor, Dept of Psychology,
Punjabi University, Patiala

She has 20 years of University teaching and research experience with specialisation in Counselling Psychology, Health Psychology, Environmental Psychology and Physiological Psychology. Key research areas are Counselling and Behavioural Medicine - Music Therapy and Biofeedback. 

She is also peer-reviewer for Texila  International Journal of Psychology. She was key note speaker and judge for 4th International e-conference held in Oct.2017 in Texila American University. She has also been a member of academic council for distance learning program. She is a subject-matter expert on the subject of Psychology in many universities.

She has published more than 30 research papers in the journals of national and international repute. She conducted a Post Doctoral Research Project at NADA Centre of Music Therapy, Chennai on “Comparative Study of Hindustani and Carnatic Music on Psychological and Physiological Processes of Aggressive Adolescents".

She has been honoured by the Chief Minister - Punjab on 15th August 2021 by conferring ‘Punjab State Award’ under ‘social service category’ for selfless services given towards the success of Drug Abuse Prevention ‘BUDDY’ and ‘DAPO’ Programs. She has been nominated as Subject expert to provide tele-counselling to deal with Mental Health Issues as part of Punjab Govt’s initiative during COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Other Social Responsibility Engagements:

Nominated as State resource person by the Ministry Social Justice and Empowerment, Govt. of India to train the master trainers under Nasha Mukt Bharat Abhiyaan 2020.
Honoured by the Chief Minister - Punjab on 26th January, 2019 for selfless services given towards the success of Drug Abuse Prevention ‘BUDDY’ and ‘DAPO’ Programs. 
Nominated as Subject Expert in the Committee for Preparing educative material on Anti-Drug Awareness & Prevention Programs by Special Task Force – Pb. Govt. 
Nominated as Subject Expert in the Committee for devising module and course content for training to unemployed youth by Employment Generation Training Dept., Govt. of Punjab, 2019.
Nominated as Subject Expert in the Committee to provide counselling assistance to students of Punjab battling with exam stress through a special helpline created by Punjab State Commission for Protection of Child Rights from 1st -31st March, 2019.

Course certificate

30 Marks will be allocated for Internal Assessment and 70 Marks will be allocated for external online examination.

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