Indian Writing in English

By Dr. Bindu Ann Philip   |   St.Mary’s College Thrissur
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The initial part  of  the  course focuses  on  Indian poetry,  beginning  with  a poem  by  Nightingale  of  India  who  “infused artistry and poetry into the national struggle”, the  course then flows  to unveil  the beauty of Indian prose and short stories originating with  the  writings of   architect of modern India who said “We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” Indian prose writings were fabricated with creativity and inquisitiveness. The  female  voices  in Indian English Writing  echoed  the  lyric  of  women rights and  their protest against patriarchy. The course terminates  by    the prominent   characters  of  Indian theatre. The  magnificent writings of  Indian authors  like Kalidasa, Girish Karnad are  brought in to frame scrutinizing the  cultural and  traditional  nuances.

Course Status : Ongoing
Course Type : Core
Duration : 12 weeks
Start Date : 04 Jul 2022
End Date : 26 Sep 2022
Exam Date :
Enrollment Ends : 15 Sep 2022
Category :
  • Language
Credit Points : 4
Level : Undergraduate

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Course layout

1 : Introduction to Indian Writing in English , poetry in Indian English Writing
2 : Sarojini Naidu , Rabindranath Tagore
3 : Kamala Das
4 : Nissim Ezeikal
5 : A.K.Ramanujan
6 : Agha Shahid Ali ,
7 : Introduction on Fiction in Indian Writing in English , Jawaharlal Nehru
8 : R.K Narayan
9 : Amrita Pritam
10 : Introduction to Indian English Drama[Naga Mandala]
11 : Introduction To Sashi Deshpande and her main works
12 : Introduction to Translated works in Indian Writing in English[Abhinjana Sakunthalam] Conclusion

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Instructor bio

Dr. Bindu Ann Philip

St.Mary’s College Thrissur
Dr. Bindu Ann Philip, Assistant Professor in English, is working at St. Mary’s College, Thrissur, Kerala. Currently she is the Head of the Department. She started her teaching career in the year 1997 and worked with  Wesgreen International School, Sharjah as English language teacher for 10 years. Dr. Bindu Ann is a Research Guide in the department of Research at Vimala College (Autonomous), Thrissur. 

Course certificate

30% for in Course Assessment & 70% of end-term Proctored Exam.

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