Junior Course in Kathak

By Amita Dutt   |   Rabindra Bharati University
Learners enrolled: 569

Kathak is one of the major Classical Dance forms of our country. Anchored on the Hindustani Classical Music system, and performed across the Indo-Gangetic valley for centuries, Kathak is now a popular dance form throughout India and also across the globe. 

Kathak gives emphasis on poses, expressions, grace, hand, eye and body movements and footwork and the enactment of stories and portrayal of rhythmic structures. It makes the dancer's body look younger, helps to lose body weight and to bring a lot of excitement into life. It also helps to make the practitioner more active and full of energy. 

A systematic and detailed practical training in this intricate dance form and a knowledge of its history and aesthetics is carefully conveyed in this course.

Course Status : Completed
Course Type : Core
Duration : 12 weeks
Category :
  • Arts
Credit Points : 4
Level : Undergraduate
Start Date : 02 Jan 2023
End Date : 27 Mar 2023
Enrollment Ends : 15 Mar 2023
Exam Date :

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Course layout

Week No.

Module No.

Module No.

Module No.

Module No.


Module 1

Tatkar in Teen Taal, Hasta Sanchalan and Padhant

Module 2

Introduction: (A General Introduction to the techniques based on the Natyashastra)

Module 3

Shlokas From The Abhinayadarpanam

(Asamyukta Hasta –1)


Module 4


Module 5

Natya, Nritta and Nritya

Module 6

Shlokas From The Abhinayadarpanam

(Samyukta Hasta –2)


Module 7

Thaat in Teen Taal

Module 8

Number of Rasas and Bhavas [Part 1]

Module 9

Viniyoga Of Asamyukta Hastas -I 


Module 10

Teen Taal: Three Simple Tukdas

Module 11

Number of Rasas and Bhavas [Part 2]

Module 12

Viniyoga Of Asamyukta Hastas -II 


Module 13

Teen Taal: Two Simple Tukdas

Module 14

Dharmis and Vrittis

Module 15

Viniyoga Of Asamyukta Hastas -III 

Module 16

Viniyoga Of Asamyukta Hastas -IV 


Module 17

Teen Taal – 3 Chakradar Todas

Module 18


Module 19

Aharya Abhinaya 

Module 20

Usages Of Samyukta Hastas


Module 21

Indian Mythology : Vishnu

Module 22

Indian Mythology: Shiva and Consorts of Gods, Kartikeya

Module 23

Indian Mythology: Shakti and Ganapati

Module 24

Shlokas From Abhinaya Darpan (Devata & Dasavatara Hastas)


Module 25

Bhajan – I

Module 26

Bhajan – II

Module 27

Bhajan – III

Module 28

Shlokas From Abhinaya Darpan (Jati, Bandhava & Navagraha Hastas)


Module 29

Introduction To Sidhi Gat

Module 30

Matki and Murli Gat

Module 31

Raasleela and its relation to Kathak Dance

Module 32

Teen Taal – Parans and Chakradar Paran


Module 33

Introduction To Rupak Taal

Module 34

Taal Rupak - Small Tukdas 

Module 35

Classification of Nayaka-Nayika


Module 36

2 Simple Parans and 1 Chakradar Toda

Module 37

A Detailed Study of Gharanas of Kathak Dance

Module 38

Nayaka Lakshanas & Nayika Alamkars


Module 39

Taal Rupak : Chand and Ladi

Module 40

The Mandir & Durbar Traditions; Major Royal Patrons

Module 41

Important Gurus, Performers & Training Centres

Books and references

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Instructor bio

Amita Dutt

Rabindra Bharati University

Amita Dutt – exponent, professor, choreographer, director, teacher, scholar, critic and columnist - is among the bright luminaries in the field of contemporary Indian classical dance.

Widely traveled and recipient of innumerable awards, Amita has constantly popularized Kathak through her recitals, innovative choreographic creations, talks, interviews, articles and workshops both in and outside India, in major cultural festivals and state events, at Universities and major institutes, on the stage, the television and the internet.

She has served the Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata as Uday Shankar Professor of Dance and former Head of the Dept. of Dance and Dean of the Faculty Council of Fine Arts & Performing Arts and Founder Director of Performing Arts Therapy Centre.

She is attached to major Universities such as Visva Bharati, Banaras Hindu Univeristy, Indira Kala Sangit Vishwavidyala in various important capacities and has represented India in many foreign Universities.

She has been a regular Resource Person in UGC-CEC programs, having received citations for her contribution. Her articles and books on cultural aspects have received great acclaim. She has had more than twenty Researchers working under her guidance for degrees of M.Phil and Ph.D

Course certificate

30% of Internal Assessment & 70% Term end final Proctored Examination

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