Abnormal Psychology

By Dr. G Padmaja   |   English and Foreign Language University, Hyderabad (Host University)
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It introduces the student to the concept of abnormality, is classification and portrays a wide array of psychological disorders about which the student will develop a basic understanding. The causal factors, clinical picture and the psychological interventions helpful in dealing with the disorders will be discussed. This course helps the student to develop an understanding of application of Psychology and its principles in dealing with abnormality in behaviour. It helps students to identify their passion to move ahead in the field of Psychology to pursue their career.

Course Status : Completed
Course Type : Elective
Duration : 12 weeks
Category :
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
Credit Points : 6
Level : Undergraduate
Start Date : 23 Jan 2023
End Date : 30 Apr 2023
Enrollment Ends : 15 Mar 2023
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Course layout

Week 1  Objective

Introduction to Course

Historical Perspectives on Abnormal Behaviour -1

Historical Perspectives on Abnormal Behaviour -2

Historical Perspectives on Abnormal Behaviour -3

A Glimpse into the Classification systems : DSM &ICD

Theoretical Perspectives to Psychological Disorders – Biological, Behavioural, Cognitive and Humanistic

Week 2  Objective

Biological Factors

Psychological Factors and Socio-Cultural Factors

Nature of Anxiety Disorders

Generalized Anxiety Disorder & Panic Anxiety

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder & Phobias

Week 3  Objective

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Dissociative Disorders -1

Dissociative Disorders-2

Somatoform Disorders–1

Somatoform Disorders–2

Week 4  Objective

Nature of Psychotic Disorders


Mood disorders – Unipolar and Bipolar Disorders

Cardio Vascular Disorders – Coronary Heart Disease


Week 5


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Week 6 Objective

Tic Disorders and Tourette’s Disorder

Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Conduct Disorder

Autistic Disorder

Asperger’s Disorder

Week 7  Objective

Childhood disintegrative disorder

Historical Views of Intellectual Disability

Intellectual Disability (Intellectual Developmental Disorder)

Communication Disorders

Binge Eating

Week 8  Objective

Other eating disorders: Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa

Odd or Eccentric Behaviour – Paranoid Personality Disorder, Schizoid Personality Disorder and Schizotypal Personality Disorder

Dramatic, Emotional or Erratic Behaviour – Histrionic Personality Disorder, Narcisstic Personality Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder and Antisocial Personality Disorder

Anxious or Fearful Behaviour – Avoidant Personality Behaviour, Dependent Personality Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder

Delirium & Parkinson’s Disease

Week 9  Objective

Dementia – Nature and Types

Alzheimer’s Disease

Pick’s Disease & Huntington’s Disease

Brain Trauma 1– Brain Injuries & Strokes Tumours

Brain Trauma 2 – Brain Tumours and Infections

Week 10 Objective

Amnestic Disorders 1 - (Cerebrovascular Disorders, Vascular Dementia)

Amnestic Disorders 2 - (Korsakoff’s Syndrome, Wernicke’s encephalopathy, Epilepsy)

Nature and Types of Addiction

Alcohol – Related Disorders and Treatment

Substance use disorders and treatment

Week 11  Objective

Drug Abuse and Treatment

Impulse Control Disorders -Kleptomania, Pyromania and Compulsive Gambling

Main Tenets of Major Psychotherapies

Psychodynamic Therapy

Behaviour Therapy

Week 12  Objective

Humanistic Therapy

Cognitive Therapy & Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Brief Therapies

Integrative Approaches to Treatment

Group Approaches

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Instructor bio

Dr. G Padmaja

English and Foreign Language University, Hyderabad (Host University)
Dr G.Padmaja is an Associate Professor at Centre for Health Psychology, University of Hyderabad and is the current Head of the unit. She has an exposure to teaching Psychology for more than two decades at UG, PG, M.Phil levels and is a PhD supervisor. She has published more than 30 research papers and completed two research projects, has one ongoing research project as a co-investigator and is a principal investigator in another project recently sanctioned.

Course certificate

30% for in course assessment and 70% for end term proctored exam.

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