Information Security

By Dr. Reshma P K   |   Mahatma Gandhi College, Iritty, Kannur- Kerala
Learners enrolled: 2052
The course “Information Security” is proposed for B.Sc. (Hons) Mathematics as the Generic Elective course with 5 credits.  The course starts with the overview of security and its aspects. Then goes through the different threats, and methods to protect the information. This paper gives an overview of cryptography and discusses the various techniques related with it. The recent advancements in security are also covered in this course.  The students who wish to enhance their knowledge on recent trends of IT and Computers and those who wish to understand the term information or cyber security  are equally  benefitted with the contents of this course
Course Status : Upcoming
Course Type : Elective
Duration : 16 weeks
Category :
  • Computer Science and Engineering
Credit Points : 5
Level : Undergraduate
Start Date : 15 Jan 2024
End Date : 29 Apr 2024
Enrollment Ends : 29 Feb 2024
Exam Date : 25 May 2024 IST
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Course layout

Weeks Weekly Lecture Topics

Week 1
Day 1 Introduction to Information Security
Day 2 Protection Vs Security 
Day 3 Aspects of security

Week 2
Day 1 Security problems
Day 2 User authentication 
Day 3 Orange Book

Week 3
Day 1 Security threats
Day 2 Program threats 
Day 3 Worms and viruses

Week 4
Day 1 More on Malware
Day 2 Trojan horse and Trap door 
Day 3 Trojan Horse- A Case study
Day 4 Trap door- A Case study

Week 5
Day 1 Stack and buffer overflow 
Day 2 System threats
Day 3 Communication threats 
Day 4 Threats in Networks 

Week 6
Day 1 New Trends in Information Security
Day 2 Introduction to Cryptography
Day 3 Cryptography Trends

Week 7
Day 1 Substitution techniques-I  
Day 2 Substitution techniques-II
Day 3 Transposition ciphers

Week 8
Day 1 Overview of symmetric key algorithms
Day 2 Data Encryption standard
Day 3 Illustration of DES

Week 9
Day 1 Advanced  Encryption standards
Day 2 The AES Cipher
Day 3  Illustration of AES

Week 10 
Day 1 Public Key encryption 
Day 2 More on Public Key Encryption 
Day 3 RSA algorithm 
Day 4 The security of RSA

Week 11
Day 1 Diffie-Hellman key exchange
Day 2 ECC Cryptography 
Day 3 Message authentication
Day 4 Message Authentication-II

Week 12
Day 1 Cryptographic hash Functions
Day 2 Digital signature
Day 3 Symmetric key and Public key signature

Week 13
Day 1 Message Digests 
Day 2 Public key infrastructure
Day 3 Public key infrastructure-II

Week 14
Day 1 Security mechanisms-An overview 
Day 2 Security mechanisms-Examples
Day 3 Auditing and logging

Week 15 
Day 1 Trip wire 
Day 2 System call monitoring
Day 3 System call monitoring- Case study

Week 16
Day 1 Fire wall & Physical security
Day 2 Legal and Ethical Issues in Security Systems
Day 3 Security Challenges for Cloud computing








Books and references

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Instructor bio

Dr. Reshma P K

Mahatma Gandhi College, Iritty, Kannur- Kerala
15+ years of experience in teaching Undergraduate level Computer Science, including Computer Architecture, Operating Systems, Data structures and Algorithms, Web technologies, System software etc.
  Developed study material for many Universities in Kerala for their School of Distance Education and IT Mission Programmes.  Obtained M.Phil. from the Bharathiar University and Ph.D from the University of Calicut. Completed a Minor Research Project funded by UGC during 2015-2017.
A Repurposed MOOC on IT Fundamentals with 4 credits was designed and successfully completed 2 runs on SWAYAM Platform. (during January 2019 and January 2021)

Course certificate

30% weightage internal assessment and 70% weightage main examination

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