Strategy and the Sustainable Enterprise

By P D Jose   |   Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB)
Strategy and the Sustainable Enterprise analyses the structure of sustainable development from a business perspective.

The course explores why sustainability has become a pressing concern for strategists and how firms are responding to the numerous sustainability challenges they face. By adopting a sustainability driven perspective, a firm can transform these potentially crippling challenges into profitable opportunities, benefiting both itself and society. The course highlights multiple frameworks to address these sustainability challenges and adapt those to fit the issues at hand. Along with frameworks, the course brings several experts from the corporate and academic spheres to the table for meaningful discussion on sustainable development.

While considering the rapid change in the business landscape in a globalized world, the course deals with the need to manage stakeholders and risks through the lens of sustainability. The last modules detail the journey a firm can take to continually transform into a sustainable enterprise. 

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Course Status : Upcoming
Course Type : Core
Duration : 6 weeks
Start Date : 27 Jul 2020
End Date : 14 Dec 2020
Exam Date :
Enrollment Ends : 14 Oct 2020
Category :
  • Management Studies
  • Level : Postgraduate


    Week 1: What is Sustainability and why should Strategists care?
    Introduction to Sustainability
    The Changing Landscapes of Business
    New Rules of Doing Business

    Week 2: Managing Stakeholders
    Introduction to Stakeholder Management
    The Stakeholder Theory of the Firm
    Managing for Stakeholder Value
    Stakeholders and Non-Market Strategies

    Week 3: Managing Sustainability Risks
    Introduction to Risk Management
    Assessing Sustainability Risks
    Managing Issues
    Managing Risks in a Global Context

    Week 4: Transforming into the Sustainable Enterprise
    Introduction to Corporate Sustainability
    Tools and Techniques 
    Green Supply Chain Management
    Company Case Studies
    Sustainability Reporting

    Week 5: The Anarchist Corporation
    New Business Models for Sustainability
    The Anarchist Corporation
    Corporate Stories
    Synthesis and Summation


    References provided inside course weekly.


    P D Jose

    Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB)
    P D Jose is an professor at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, where he teaches core courses on Business and Corporate Strategy and several electives on sustainability. He is a Fellow of the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad. He also has a Post Graduate Diploma in Forestry Management from the Indian Institute of Forest Management, Bhopal and Bachelors in Physics from the Institute of Science, Bombay. He has taught classes on strategy and/or sustainability at a number of schools including Cardiff University Business School (UK); the School of Economics and Business at the University of Goteborg, Sweden; Indian Institute of Management at Kozhikode and Ahmedabad. He has also consulted with several government agencies, non-governmental, private sector and international organizations.


    Weightage: 25% weightage weekly assessments and 75% weightage for final exam.

    Passing Marks: You will be eligible for certificate only if you score minimum 40% weekly assessment and min 40% in final exam. If you score less than 40% in either weekly assessments (avg) or in final exam, you will not receive the certificate.

    The final score will determine if you will / will not receive a certificate.


    1. Final score < 40%: NO certificate.

    2. Final score between 40% - 49.99%: Grade D.

    3. Final score between 50% - 59.99%: Grade C.

    4. Final score between 60% - 84.99%: Grade B

    5. Final score of 85% and above: Grade A