Macroeconomics: Theory and Policy

By Rupa Chanda   |   Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
Learners enrolled: 5105
Ever wondered what drives large-scale decision making in economies? Curious about the key factors that shape our choices on a global scale? Want to understand the ins and outs of concepts like Inflation, Unemployment, Consumption, Savings and Investment? Look no further! This course will answer all the burning questions. Get ready to explore the theoretical models behind economics behavior and gain a deeper understanding of how economies function.

What you will learn:

At the end of this course, you will
o        Understand the various theories of economics with regards to Keynesian and Classical.
o        Interpret how the various components of economics like Inflation play a major role in the growth of an economy.
o        Understand the circular flow of income and and the determinants of its various components like savings, consumption and investment.
o        Deduce the importance of monetary and fiscal policies and how it affects the developed and developing countries.

Course Status : Completed
Course Type : Core
Duration : 6 weeks
Category :
  • Management Studies
Credit Points : 2
Level : Postgraduate
Start Date : 31 Jul 2023
End Date : 31 Oct 2023
Enrollment Ends : 09 Sep 2023
Exam Date : 30 Nov 2023 IST

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Course layout

Module 0 : Welcome to the course
Module 1 : Basic accounts and indicators
Module 2 : Consumption and savings
Module 3 : Aggregate Demand and supply
Module 4 : Fiscal Policy
Module 5 : Monetary Policy
Module 6 : Open Economy

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Books and references

  • Principles of Macroeconomics by Gregory Mankiw
  • Advanced Macroeconomics by David Romer

Instructor bio

Rupa Chanda

Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
Rupa Chanda is a Professor of Economics at IIM Bangalore since 1997. Prior to joining IIMB, she was an economist at the International Monetary Fund in Washington, DC. She briefly served as the Head, UNESCAP Sub-regional Office for South and South-West Asia in New Delhi, while on leave from IIMB. Her area of specialization is International Trade, Macroeconomics.

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Grading Policy: 

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Certificate Eligibility:
  • 40% marks and above in Mid Term & End Term
  • 40% marks and above in the final proctored exam


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