Advanced Product Quality Planning(APQP)

By Shishir Bharadwaj   |   Quality Council of India
Learners enrolled: 3099
"A manufacturing organization constantly looks for new customers and
when it goes around acquiring a new business there is a risk of failure which 
may not be that severe that one may fall down.The failure means that every now and then either your process suffers or the quality suffers or the customer expectations are not fully met etc. Now well-established supply-chain owner for example automobile
companies, they have a reputation and have a product quality which is
well established , so if a new company which is getting into
manufacturing or has been manufacturing wants to enter into the
supply-chain, it will have to make sure that this stability, reliability and
efficiency of the supply-chain is not impacted. To make sure that such 
disturbance is replaced by smooth functioning of the supply-chain, the companies go through a process which is called Advanced Product Quality Planning process.
In this course, the learners will be acquainted with the meaning of APQP, its goal, background, compliance and its 4 phases and 5 major activities."
"APQP methodology is deployed for Product quality planning  as a ""structured method of defining and implementing the steps necessary to ensure customer satisfaction with the product. 
The steps systematically help in learning how to orientate resources to customer satisfaction.
Support early detection of necessary changes to prevent late changes that helps to create good quality products on time and at the lowest cost. "
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Course Type : Core
Duration : 6 weeks
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  • Management Studies
Credit Points : 3
Level : Postgraduate
Start Date : 19 Jan 2024
End Date : 30 Apr 2024
Enrollment Ends : 29 Feb 2024
Exam Date : 18 May 2024 IST
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Course layout

Week 1: Description of APQP
Week 2: Plan and Define Program
Week 3: Product Design and Development
Week 4: Process Design and Development
Week 5: Product and Process Validation
Week 6: Feedback, Assessment, Corrective Action

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Shishir Bharadwaj

Quality Council of India

Mr. Shishir Bharadwaj will be the trainer on the course. He is an Operations Management Consultant, who, after working with Japanese JV manufacturing Light Commercial Trucks and observing first-hand the customer experience and usage of products designed, started his journey in the field of Operations Management consultancy in the UK, focusing on Finite Capacity Scheduling, selecting & implementing ERPs. He is now dedicated to improving manufacturing companies' bottom line and competitiveness based on the principles of flow and the Theory of Constraints.

He is associated with the Quality Council of India through his work as the trainer for Master Trainers for the ZED Maturity Assessment Model and has developed many e-learning courses in tandem with eQuest, the e-learning hub of QCI.

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