Mathematics XI Part-II

By Prof. T. P. Sarma   |   DESM, NCERT, New Delhi
Learners enrolled: 2847
The mathematics has an astonishing variety of phenomenon. Understanding the fundamental theorems and formulae of Mathematics discussed in this course, help us to solve the complex real problems.
This course will acquaint the students with the chapters: Binomial Theorem, Sequence and Series, Straight lines, Conic Sections, Introductions to 3-D Geometry, Limits and Derivatives, Mathematical Reasoning, Statistics and Probability.
The aim and design of the course is to develop a deeper understanding of different concepts in Mathematics. As you work through the course you will find  multimedia enriched videos lecture, e-text, suggestions for problem solving methods, assignments and online quizzes to keep track of your achievements.
This course is divided into 25 modules for better understanding.
Course Status : Completed
Course Type : Core
Duration : 24 weeks
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Credit Points : 2
Level : School
Start Date : 12 Apr 2021
End Date : 30 Sep 2021
Enrollment Ends : 31 Aug 2021
Exam Date : 24 Sep 2021 IST

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Course layout

Chapter No.

Module No.

Module Name

Chapter 8

Module 1

Pascal’s Triangle and Proof of Binomial Theorem

Assignment 8

Chapter 9

Module 2


Module 3

Arithmetic Progression (A.P.)

Module 4

Geometric Progression (G.P.)

Module 5

Arithmetic Mean & Geometric Mean

Module 6

Some Special Series

Assignment 9

Chapter 10

Module 7

Straight Lines

Module 8

Lines parallel to coordinate axes

Module 9

General Equation of a line

Assignment 10

Chapter 11

Module 10

Conic sections

Module 11

Parabola and its types

Module 12

Latus Rectum

Module 13

Standard Equation of Hyperbola

Assignment 11

Chapter 12

Module 14

Introduction to Three Dimension

Module 15

Three-Dimensional Geometry

Assignment 12

Chapter 13

Module 16

Introduction to algebra of limits and some standard limits

Module 17

Limits of trigonometric, exponential and logarithmic functions

Module 18


Assignment 13

Chapter 14

Module 19

Mathematical Reasoning- Statements and its types, Words and Phrases: Part 1

Module 20

Mathematical Reasoning- Statements and its types, Words and Phrases: Part 2

Assignment 14

Chapter 15

Module 21

Calculating Range of the data, Mean deviation about mean and median

Module 22

Calculating variance and standard deviation of the data

Module 23

Comparison of data using coefficient of variance

Assignment 15

Chapter 16

Module 24

Introduction to probability and types of events

Module 25

Calculating probability of different events

Assignment 16

Final Assessment

Books and references

NCERT "Mathematics" for Class - XI

Instructor bio

Prof. T. P. Sarma

DESM, NCERT, New Delhi
Prof. T. P. Sarma
Educational Qualification M.Sc. , Ph.D. (Mathematics) from University of Delhi

Areas of Work Mathematics Education at School level Development of Teaching Materials, Teacher Training Material, Textual Material Research: Primary Mathematics, Mathematics Education, Mathematics.

Course certificate

The final assessment will be conducted in the last week of the course i.e. from 24 Sept to 30 Sept 2021. The participants will get completion certificate if they score 70% and above in the final assessment.

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