Psychology XI Part-II

By Dr. Prabhat K. Mishra   |   DEPFE, NCERT, New Delhi
Learners enrolled: 1142
The subject of psychology, which deals with human mind, behaviour and human relationship, can most appropriately lend itself to teaching with humanistic perspective. Such a perspective aims at enriching students knowledge as well as inspiring and awakening their curiosity, positive feelings, desire to learn, openness, exploration of self and others, etc. Such an approach is also conducive to their personal development and inculcation of positive attitude and love for the subjects. As for class XI students psychology will be a new subject, it would be important to dwell on the potential of the subject, it value in daily life and various career possibilities. Students, it is expected, will be made aware of the empirical nature of the discipline and the importance of adopting scientific approach in studying human behaviour. This course consists of nine chapters on topics considered essential for an introductory course in psychology like learning, thinking, memory, motivation and emotion, etc. Efforts have been made to provide linkages across and within the chapters to maintain continuity and holistic perspective. Meaningful contexts have been provided to relate the subject matter with day-to-day life.
Course Status : Completed
Course Type : Core
Duration : 24 weeks
Start Date : 12 Apr 2021
End Date : 30 Sep 2021
Exam Date : 24 Sep 2021 IST
Enrollment Ends : 31 Aug 2021
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Credit Points : 2
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Course layout

Chapter No.

Module No.

Module Name

Chapter 5

Module 1

Sensory, Attentional and Perceptual Processes – Part 1

Module 2

Sensory, Attentional and Perceptual Processes – Part 2

Module 3

Sensory, Attentional and Perceptual Processes – Part 3

Assignment 5

Chapter 6

Module 4

Learning – Part 1

Module 5

Learning – Part 2

Module 6

Learning – Part 3

Module 7

Learning – Part 4

Assignment 6

Chapter 7

Module 8

Human Memory Human Memory – Part 1

Module 9

Human Memory Human Memory – Part 2

Assignment 7

Chapter 8

Module 10

Thinking – Part 1

Module 11

Thinking – Part 2

Assignment 8

Chapter 9

Module 12

Motivation and Emotion – Part 1

Module 13

Motivation and Emotion – Part 2

Assignment 9

Final Assessment

Books and references

NCERT "Introduction to Psychology" for Class - XI - Part 2

Instructor bio

Dr. Prabhat K. Mishra

Dr. Prabhat K. Mishra has been working in the Department of Educational Psychology and Foundations of Education, NCERT, New Delhi since July, 2002. He has been involved in teaching the courses on Guidance for Human Development and Adjustment, and Basic Statistics in Diploma Course in Guidance and Counselling. Dr. Mishra has also been a Member Coordinator of the Textbooks in Psychology for Classes XI and XII brought out by the NCERT. He has also developed self-learning resource materials for teachers, teacher educators and counsellors, primarily on the theme of stress and coping. Dr. Mishra is a regular contributor of book chapters and a number of articles to various journals of repute.

Course certificate

The final assessment will be conducted in the last week of the course i.e. from 24 Sept to 30 Sept 2021. The participants will get completion certificate if they score 70% and above in the final assessment.

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