Chemistry XII Part-I

By Prof R. K. Parashar   |   DESM, NIE, NCERT, New Delhi
Learners enrolled: 1629
Chemistry is the study of matter and its properties. This course is designed for class 12th on NCERT textbook pattern, it is intended to cover topics on Solid State, Solutions, Electrochemistry, Chemical Kinetics, Surface Chemistry, General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements, The p-Block Elements, d- and f-Block Elements and Coordination Compounds for the students of Class XII specific, and others interested in general. The subject matter has been organized according to the laws and principles of chemistry. The course has been designed and developed to provide an insight view of interesting and meaningful chemistry topics such as classification of solids, various type of solutions and their properties, how substances interact to absorb or produce energy, application of electrochemical processes in the working of cells and batteries, phenomenon of adsorption, extraction of ores and minerals, the study of p-,d- and f-block elements, the chemistry of coordination compounds etc. 

This is a 6 months course and has been organized into week wise schedule where learners can have access to highly multimedia enriched videos along text, reading material, references and online assessments.
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Course Type : Core
Duration : 24 weeks
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Start Date : 22 Apr 2024
End Date : 30 Sep 2024
Enrollment Ends : 01 Sep 2024
Exam Registration Ends : 27 Sep 2024
Exam Date : 29 Sep 2024 IST

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Course layout

Chapter No.

Module No.

Module Name

Chapter 1

Module 1

The Solid State: Part 1

Module 2

The Solid State: Part 2

Module 3

The Solid State: Part 3

Module 4

The Solid State: Part 4

Assignment 1

Chapter 2

Module 5

Solutions - Part 1

Module 6

Solutions - Part 2

Module 7

Solutions - Part 3

Module 8

Solutions - Part 4

Assignment 2

Chapter 3

Module 9

Electrochemistry: Part 1

Module 10

Electrochemistry: Part 2

Module 11

Electrochemistry: Part 3

Module 12

Electrochemistry: Part 4

Assignment 3

Chapter 4

Module 13

Chemical Kinetics: Part 1

Module 14

Chemical Kinetics: Part 2

Module 15

Chemical Kinetics: Part 3

Module 16

Chemical Kinetics: Part 4

Assignment 4

Chapter 5

Module 17

Surface Chemistry: Part 1

Module 18

Surface Chemistry: Part 2

Module 19

Surface Chemistry: Part 3

Module 20

Surface Chemistry: Part 4

Assignment 5

Chapter 6

Module 21

General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements: Part 1

Module 22

General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements: Part 2

Module 23

General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements: Part 3

Assignment 6

Chapter 7

Module 24

p-block Elements (Group 15 elements): Part 1

Module 25

p-block Elements (Group 15 elements): Part 2

Module 26

p-block Elements (Group 15 elements): Part 3

Module 27

p-block Elements (Group 15 elements): Part 4

Module 28

p-block Elements (Group 15 elements): Part 5

Assignment 7

Chapter 8

Module 29

The d- and f- Block Elements: Part 1

Module 30

The d- and f- Block Elements: Part 2

Module 31

The d- and f- Block Elements: Part 3

Module 32

The d- and f- Block Elements: Part 4

Assignment 8

Chapter 9

Module 33

Coordination Compounds - Part 1

Module 34

Coordination Compounds - Part 2

Module 35

Coordination Compounds - Part 3

Assignment 9

Final Assessment

Books and references

NCERT "Chemistry-I" for Class - XII

Instructor bio

Prof R. K. Parashar


Prof R K Parashar is a Professor (Chemistry). He developed ICT based support in the form of hyper linking internal resources, videos and animations at appropriate places in Chemistry Textbooks of Classes XI and XII ,Coordinator / member of Development Committees of NCERT textbooks for Science Classes VI to VIII, Teachers’ Handbooks for classes VI to VIII Science , Source Book on Assessment for Classes VI to VIII, Chemistry Textbooks for Classes XI and XII, Science Laboratory Manuals for Classes IX and X, and, Exemplar Problems in Science for Class VIII. Working in the area of Micro-scaling of Chemistry Experiments and Development of Educational Kits. Co-Coordinator Dr Rajendra Kumar Sharma DESM, RIE Ajmer Dr Rajendra Kumar Sharma is  Assistant Professor in Chemistry in the Department of Education in Science and Mathematics (DESM), RIE Ajmer . His area of Specialization is Synthetic Organic and Green Chemistry.

Course certificate

The final assessment will be conducted in the last week of the course i.e. from 29th September 2024 to 30th September 2024. The participants will get completion certificate if they score 60% and above in the final assessment.

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