Sociology XI Part-I

By Dr.Tasongwi Newmei   |   NERIE Shilong
Learners enrolled: 297
This Course is an introductory course in Sociology. It gives you basic idea about the subject of sociology, what is the subject matter of sociology, what do sociologists deal with, and how do they study society. It will help us to understand better, the society we live in. The course will attempt to familiarise students with the idea of what is sociological perspective, concepts in sociology and tools of research to carry our investigations. It seeks to establish how sociology as a discipline is different from common sense understandings about society and how do we arrive at sociological understanding. The subject of Sociology equips us to question the taken for granted. While understanding the basics of the subject we will study about the idea of society and what is subject of sociology in the initial modules. After developing an idea about the subject, the Course will introduce the learners with the concepts, and terms used in sociology to make sense of reality. The idea of concepts will be applied to understand social institutions, culture and the process of socialisation. Finally, the Course will introduce the learners to the process of sociological research. How do sociologist investigate the world and how do they establish sociological understanding.
Course Status : Upcoming
Course Type : Core
Duration : 24 weeks
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Start Date : 22 Apr 2024
End Date : 30 Sep 2024
Enrollment Ends : 01 Sep 2024
Exam Registration Ends : 27 Sep 2024
Exam Date : 29 Sep 2024 IST

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Course layout

Chapter No.

Module No.

Module Name

Chapter 1

Module 1

Sociology and Society – Part 1

Module 2

Sociology and Society – Part 2

Module 3

Sociology and Society – Part 3

Assignment 1

Chapter 2

Module 4

Social Groups - Concept, Features, Types

Module 5

Social Stratification - Caste, Origin and Changes

Module 6

Social Stratification - Class, Race and Ethnicity, Gender

Module 7

Social Status - Its Role and Conflict

Assignment 2

Chapter 3

Module 8

Understanding Social Institutions: Family and Marriage

Module 9

Understanding Social Institutions: Economic-Work & Division of Labour

Module 10

Understanding Social Institutions: Politics, Religion and Education

Assignment 3

Chapter 4

Module 11

Culture and Socialisation – Part 1

Module 12

Culture and Socialisation – Part 2

Module 13

Culture and Socialisation – Part 3

Assignment 4

Chapter 5

Module 14

Doing Sociology: Research Methods – Part 1

Module 15

Doing Sociology: Research Methods – Part 2

Assignment 5

Final Assessment

Books and references

NCERT "Introducing Sociology" for Class - XI

Instructor bio

Dr.Tasongwi Newmei

NERIE Shilong
Dr. Tasongwi Newmei passed the HSCL examination from Don Bosco, Tamenglong with first division. He obtained his P.U. (Arts) degree from St. Anthony’s College, Shillong; B.A. degree from St. Edmund’s College, Shillong; and M.A. and M.Phil degrees from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi with first divisions and first class grades. His academic achievements include the Mother Alvin CMC Memorial Award for securing the highest marks from Don Bosco School, Tamenglong in the HSLC examination, Certificate of Merit awarded for securing rank No. 1 in B.A. (Sociology) examination conducted by NEHU in 2000. Newmei was also selected for the UGC DSA National Scholarship while pursuing M.A. at JNU, New Delhi and qualified for Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) in 2002 examination conducted by the University Grants Commission (UGC). He joined the institute on 21st March, 2006 and since then he has been actively involved in the activities of the institute in various capacities and mainly by acting as resource person in various programmes and by conducting research and training programmes.

Course certificate

The final assessment will be conducted in the last week of the course i.e. from 29th September 2024 to 30th September 2024. The participants will get completion certificate if they score 60% and above in the final assessment.

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