Sr.Secondary : Mathematics 311

By Dr. Rajendra Kumar Nayak   |   NIOS
Learners enrolled: 6573

Mathematics is an important discipline of learning at the Senior Secondary stage. It helps the learner in acquiring decision making ability through its applications to real life both in familiar and unfamiliar situations. It predominantly contributes to the development of precision, rational reasoning and analytical thinking.The Senior Secondary stage is most crucial where learners for the first time move towards diversification. At this stage, the learners start thinking to take important decisions concerning their future career by choosing suitable courses. It is the stage, from where learners would either go for higher academic education in Mathematics or for Professional courses or it may be the end of their academic career. One of the basic aims of learning Mathematics at Senior Secondary level is to be developed problem solving skills and quantificational experiences around the learners. 

The present curriculum in Mathematics has been distributed into two parts and ten modules. Part-1 consists of five modules namely as: Sets; Relation and Function; Sequences and Series; Algebra-I; Co-ordinate Geometry; Statistics and Probability. Similarly five modules are inside the Part-2 namely as: Algebra-II; Relations and Functions; Calculus; Vectors and Three Dimensional Geometry; Linear Programming and Mathematical Reasoning.

There are basically four parts of Mathematics course under Swayam platform. These are 1.Text part 2. Audio and Video tutorials 3. Self Assessment 4. Discussion forum.

Under text part, all efforts have been made to give related illustrations and sufficient examples for your better understanding. You must go through all solved examples and try to solve all problems under check your progress and Terminal exercises.

Along with text materials, lesson wise video tutorials are also provided for your clarification and better understanding. In some of the lessons concept wise certain audio clips are also provide you. Lesson wise Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) are provided you after each lesson for the self progress purposes. A discussion forum is also provided to you in this platform, where you can able to share with me your doubts, difficulties and any suggestions. Remember in SWAYAM platform, one of the important aspects of learning Mathematics is you must have to carefully observe the Videos and practice the quiz items for your self assessment purposes.  

Course Status : Completed
Course Type : Core
Duration : 24 weeks
Category :
  • Mathematics
Credit Points : 10
Level : School
Start Date : 01 Apr 2020
End Date : 30 Sep 2020
Enrollment Ends : 30 Sep 2020
Exam Date :

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Instructor bio

Dr. Rajendra Kumar Nayak


Dr. Rajendra Kumar Nayak, M.Sc (Mathematics), M.Ed, Ph.D (Utkal University) presently working as Assistant Director (Academic), NIOS from 13/07/2012. Before joining of NIOS Dr. Nayak worked as Assistant Professor of  Mathematiocs Education at Regional Institute of Education (NCERT), Bhubaneswar , Army Institue of Education, New Delhi and Ravenshaw University, Cuttack, Odisha. 

The Interest area of teaching and learning - Mathematics, Mathematics Education, Educational Statistics, and Distance Education.

Dr. Nayak always believe on research based teaching and experince based learning. Based on this philosophy awarded Ph.D on the topic" Effectiveness of Construcivist Approach on Learning Process and Learning Achivement in Mathematics and Creativity of Primary School Children" from Utkal Univerdity, Odisha.

Dr. Nayak is also the author of 10 research based papers published in different national and International  Journals in the field of Mathematics education, and participated different workshop, conference, seminar at national and international level organised by NCERT, NIOS, IGNOU, ICSSR, and other Universities.

Course certificate

For Senior Secondary Level Passing Certificate

1. In order to obtain Senior Secondary (12th) passing certificate from NIOS, the learners are 
required to enroll in minimum five subjects including one or maximum two languages on
SWAYAM. For examination and certification the learners must also enroll with NIOS .

2. The admission in NIOS is done through online mode only. The learner can visit the official
website of NIOS i.e., www.nios.ac.in or www.sdmis.nios.ac.in . The learner can also visit the
Regional Centre or nearest AI (study Centre) or designated Common Service Centre (CSC),
 the list of which is available on the website and take help for online admission in NIOS. 

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