Commercial Fruit Production: Pomegranate & Guava

By Dr. Madhuri Sonawane   |   Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University, Nashik, Maharashtra
Learners enrolled: 993
This one credit online course entitled, “Commercial Fruit Production: Pomegranate & Guava” will contain entire production technology of two fruit crops i.e. Pomegranate and Guava”. It will cover latest production technology of these two crops including its climatic requirements, varieties, planting techniques, fertilizer and irrigation requirement, interculturing and special practices, maturity indices, harvesting techniques, etc.
Course Status : Completed
Course Type : Core
Duration : 4 weeks
Start Date : 01 Aug 2019
End Date :
Exam Date : 10 Nov 2019
Category :
  • Agricultural and Food Engineering
Level : Diploma

Course layout

Week 1
Lecture 1: Importance, soil and climatic Requirements of pomegranate
Lecture 2: Varieties of pomegranate
Lecture 3: Pomegranate propagation methods
Lecture 4 : Pomegranate planting
Lecture 5: Pests of pomegranate
Week 2
Lecture 6 : Diseases and their management in pomegranate, Part 1
Lecture 7 : Diseases and their management in pomegranate, Part 2
Lecture 8 : Disorders and their management in pomegranate
Lecture 9 : Water and fertilizer requirement of pomegranate
Lecture 10 : Flowering and harvesting of pomegranate
Week 3
Lecture 11 : Importance, soil and climatic requirements of guava
Lecture 12 : Important varieties of guava
Lecture 13 : Guava propagation methods
Lecture 14 : Guava planting 
Lecture 15 : Rejuvenation of guava
Week 4 
Lecture 16: Pests of guava
Lecture 17 : Diseases and their management in guava
Lecture 18 : Water and fertilizer requirement of guava
Lecture 19 : Flowering and bahar treatment in guava
Lecture 20 : Maturity indices and harvesting in guava

Books and references


Instructor bio

Dr. Madhuri Sonawane, 
Assistant Professor, School of Agricultural Sciences, YCMOU, Nashik. 

Educational Qualifications:

* M.Sc. (Agriculture) in Pomology
* NET (Horticulture) by ICAR, New Delhi
* Ph. D. (Agriculture) in Horticulture (Fruit Science
* M.Sc. (Distance Education)
* Ph. D. (Subject Communication-Agriculture)

Major contribution:

Content editing of 107 textbooks, expert writer in 32 textbooks, development of degree & diploma programmes, coordination & counselling for certificate, diploma, degree, as well as post graduate and research programmes in agricultural sciences, expert, assignment evaluator and research guide for PGR programmes, Four syllabus based video films on roses and Gerbera are available on YouTube, 28 research articles, 11 popular articles, 7 pamphlets, 60 radio programmes, 1 TV programmes.

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