Basics of Russian-Part 1, Basics of Russian: Communication Skills-II

By SHIVAJI BHASKAR   |   Indira Gandhi National Open University

About the Course
The present course aims at introducing the basics of the Russian Language and gradually builds competence in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing and also enabling cultural understanding.
Indirect method of Teaching has been used for this course. For MOOC’s, indirect instruction seems appropriate since it seeks a high level of student involvement in observing, investigating, drawing inferences from data, or forming hypotheses. It takes advantage of students' interest and curiosity, often encouraging them to generate alternatives or solve problems. Further, in indirect instruction, the role of the teacher shifts from lecturer to that of facilitator, supporter, and resource person. The teacher arranges the learning environment, provides opportunity for student involvement, and, when appropriate, provides feedback to students while they conduct the inquiry.

Aim of the Course
The Course aims at providing beginners with basics of Russian Language in an easy and efficient manner.

Objectives of the Course

To develop the ability to use Russian effectively for the purpose of practical communication in spoken and written discourse 

To respond, in written or oral form, quickly, adequately and accurately in different communicative situations (such as- to give & receive personal information, to give basic instructions, to involve in dialogues related to day-to-day life, to relate events, facts and to narrate situations, to express opinions, to describe persons or things, to justify opinions, etc.)

To demonstrate knowledge of sufficient vocabulary to use with grammar patterns

To enable students to gain access through language to the contemporary scene and the background of Russian speaking countries, their people and their cultures.

To establish the skills, language and attitude required to promote and facilitate further study of Russian.

Learners enrolled: 1528


Course Status : Completed
Course Type : Core
Duration : 12 weeks
Start Date : 01 Aug 2019
End Date : 31 Oct 2019
Exam Date : 09 Nov 2019
Category :
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Level : Diploma

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    S.No     Topic                                                                         

            WEEK 1
    1. Origin of the Russian Language
            Introduction to the Russian Alphabet
    2. Letters of the Russian Alphabet
    3. Vowels & Consonants

            WEEK 2
    4. Vowels sounds
    5. Consonant Sounds
    6. Introduction to the Russian Phonetics: Voiced & Voiceless Consonants. Devoicing of Consonants; Singular & Plural Nouns

            WEEK 3
    7. Combination of Vowel sounds & Consonant Sounds-I
    8. Combination of Vowel sounds & Consonant Sounds-II
    9. Combination of Vowel sounds & Consonant Sounds-III

            WEEK 4
    10. Combination of Vowel sounds & Consonant Sounds-IV
    11. Combination of Vowel sounds & Consonant Sounds-V
    12. Combination of Vowel sounds & Consonant Sounds-VI

             WEEK 5
    13. Combination of Vowel sounds & Consonant Sounds-VII
    14. Combination of Vowel sounds & Consonant Sounds-VIII
    15. Use of Stress sign and Intonation in Russian

             WEEK 6
    16. Use of Affirmative and Negative sentences in Russian
    17. Pronouns in Russian
    18. Verb Conjugations-I

            WEEK 7
    19. Verb Conjugations-II
    20. Personal Pronouns
    21. Possessive pronouns

            WEEK 8
    22. Demonstrative pronouns
    23. Use of Animate and Inanimate in Russian
    24. Gender in Russian

            WEEK 9
    25. Russian Verbs and Their Conjugations
    26. Use of Who and What in Russian
    27. Days of the Week

            WEEK 10
    28. Months of the Year
    29. Cardinal numbers in Russian
    30. Verbs conjugations in Russian

            WEEK 11
    31. Dialog & Texts in Russian
    32. Case System in Russian
    33. Prepositional Case

            WEEK 12
    34. Use of Noun and Adjective endings in Russian
    35. Use of Questions “Where?” and “Where?” to in Russian
    36. Use of Pronouns in Prepositional Case


    Name/ Title of the Reference Material                             Author

    Self Learning Material (SLM) Russian SOFL IGNOU Author  IGNOU http://egyankosh.ac.in/handle/123456789/41161

    Russian in Exercises                                                       Author  S.A Khavronina, AI Shirochenskaya

    Russian for English Speaking learners                           Author  V.N Wagner, Y.G. Ovsienko



    Mr. Shivaji Bhaskar is Assistant Professor in Russian at the School of Foreign Languages, IGNOU. His area of special interest is Teaching of Russian as a Foreign Language (РКИ), Culture & Civilization of Russia, Translation & Interpretation and Area Studies with special emphasis to Russian and Eurasian Studies.

    shivajibhaskar@ignou.ac.in; shivajibhaskar@gmail.com 
    Ph: 011-29571639, 011-29571640


    Certificate shall be awarded to students after successful completion of the course