BAL-001: Basics Of Arabic

By Dr. Mohammad Saleem   |   Indira Gandhi National Open University

This programme aims at acquainting the beginners with essential rudiments of the Arabic Language, and gradually and systematically inculcates in them an ability to speak, write and read the language with a certain degree of accuracy and confidence.

Course Credit - 8

Learners enrolled: 3760


Course Status : Upcoming
Course Type : Core
Duration : 12 weeks
Start Date : 01 Jun 2020
End Date :
Exam Date :
Category :
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Level : Diploma


    BAL-001: Basics of Arabic

    Block-1: Reading and Writing-I

    Week 1       

    Unit-1: Common Arabic Words

    Week 2 

    Unit-2: Personal Introduction;

    Unit-3: The School

    Week 3

    Unit-4: Know Things Around You

    Week 4

    Unit-5: The Family;

    Unit-6: My House

    Block-2: Reading and Writing-II

    Week 5

    Unit-7: Days of Week;

    Unit-8: Months

    Week 6

    Unit-9: At The Restaurant;

    Unit-10: In The Garden

    Week 7

    Unit-11: The Student

    Week 8

    Unit-12: In The Market

    Block-3: Reading and Writing-III

    Week 9

    Unit-13: In The Classroom;

    Unit-14: At The Dining Table

    Week 10

    Unit-15: In The Street;

    Unit-16: Between Two Friends

    Week 11

    Unit-17: The Numbers 1-10

    Week 12

    Unit-18: In Summer Vacation



    Dr. Mohammad Saleem

    Indira Gandhi National Open University
    Dr. Mohammad Saleem is an assistant Professor of Arabic at the School of Foreign Languages. His area of specialisation is teaching and learning Arabic as a foreign language. He writes in Arabic Urdu and English and published more than thirty articles in all the three languages in various reputed magazines and news papers. He is the first to advocate new methods and techniques for teaching Arabic as foreign language in his research work for M Phil titled Methods of Arabic language study in Indian madrasas between teaching and achievement and PhD titled Teaching and learning Arabic as a foreign language in India,problems and prospects with twenty model lessons.

    His other areas of interest are culture and literature of Pre-Islamic Period. He also takes keen interest in Arabic, Urdu and Persian Poetry. Currently, Dr. Saleem has designed along with several young Arabic experts, a very simple, innovative and learner friendly study material for the learners at IGNOU. The material is increasingly becoming popular both is India and Arab countries.

    Official Address:
    School of Foreign Languages, 
    Indira Gandhi National Open University,
    Maidan Garhi, New Delhi - 110068, 
    New Delhi, India
    Phone:  29571637
    Email: saleem@ignou.ac.in