Conflicts and Peace: Global Perspective BGP-003

By Dr. Sunita Dhall   |   Indira Gandhi National Open University

The Programme, is focused on the understanding of peace and conflict resolution, to deal with conflict in the society particularly in Gandhian perspective.

The giant strides man has made in science and technology have failed to engender peace of mind in the individuals, harmony in society, and peace among nations; nor have they helped in liquidating poverty, ignorance, and exploitation. Global warming and climate change, a direct consequence of destructive use of nature, threatens the very survival of the biosphere. Man has become a victim of his own creation.

Many thinkers and activists, in the world today, have begun to turn to the life, thoughts and methods of Mahatma Gandhi to look for solutions for above mention. Activists and thinkers of younger generation in the world are looking to the alternative path that Gandhi showed in the hope that his message and mission are of crucial significance to the survival of mankind.

The programme you are going to pursue develops these objectives. We are sure you will be benefitted and be better prepared for contribution towards peace in the society at large.

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Course Status : Upcoming
Course Type : Core
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Start Date : 14 Sep 2020
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  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Level : Undergraduate


    Block-I Introduction

    Unit-1 Conflict in International Arena: An Overview

    Unit-2 Changing Nature of International Conflicts

    Unit-3 From War to Dialogue: Emerging Approaches to Conflict Resolution

    Unit-4 Non-Violent Initiative in Conflict Resoultion

    Block-II Socio-Economic & Environmental Conflicts

    Unit-5 Globalisation and Its Implication for Peace

    Unit-6 Global Warming and Climate Change

    Unit-7 Conflict over Resources

    Unit-8 Terrorism

    Block-III Methods of Conflicts Resolutions: Global Perspectives

    Unit-9 Coercive Settlement of Disputes

    Unit-10 Pacific Settlements of Disputes

    Unit-11 United Nations Peace Keeping Mission

    Unit-12 Human Security

    Block-IV Case Studies

    Unit-13 Border Disputes

    Unit-14 Water Sharing Disputes

    Unit-15 Ethnic Crisis

    Unit-16 Migration and Dislocation



    Dr. Sunita Dhall

    Indira Gandhi National Open University
    Dr Sunita Dhal is trained as a sociologist. She had done her Ph D from the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Delhi in the area of Sociology of Science and in particular, Indigenous Agricultural Knowledge Systems. She was associated with the Department of Sociology, Delhi School of Economics (DSE), subsequently taught at Lady Shri Ram and, Jesus & Mary College (JMC), Delhi University in the capacity of a Lecturer. She was associated with Centre for Development, NGO in Ahmedabad in the capacity of Advisor and associated with Shastri-Indo Canadian Institution and Action Aid, India Office as a consultant. She was actively involved with Women Studies Development Cell (WSDC) and Green Society of Jesus & Mary College in the past two years. Prior to her teaching assignments, she began her career with the Institute of Health Systems, Hyderabad. She has publications and research papers in the area of indigenous agricultural knowledge, biotechnology, and urban transportation systems and people’s perception. Presently, working on a research paper titled ‘women as knowledge bearers’ in the context of innovation and dissemination of knowledge. Her interest lies in the areas of women in science, women’s reproductive health and biomedicine and indigenous knowledge. Recently she has presented a paper in the international conference organised by the International Society for Ecological Economics- Theme is Advancing sustainability in a time of crisis, entitled ‘Indigenous Agricultural Knowledge of Kondh Peasants: A Contextual Elaboration” in Germany.