MJM029: Advertising and Public Relations

By Padmini Jain   |   Indira Gandhi National Open University
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From the moment you wake up, you are constantly being pursued to buy into a product or service or to follow a trend. It may sometimes be so subtle that you do not even realise that you are targeted to believe in an idea. You are, of course familiar with advertisements on the Television and Newspapers or the Hoardings on the roadside and Banners on web pages. But, the persuasion attempts do not end here. The communication experts are leaving no stone unturned to reach you - from the apps in your phone to the stepney covers on scooters; from the radio playing in the background to the polybag you carry your lunchbox in; from the car your favorite Hero drives in a movie to the little logo on your cap – you are witnessing some form of persuasion. It is the need of the hour to be literate and aware of what is happening around you and how and who is trying to catch you in the net by using techniques of Advertising and Public Relations. This Courses will be of help to understand and intelligently sift through the plethora of persuasive information thrown our way. 

Advertising and Public Relations are regarded as the ‘in’ careers of our times. Professionally, the new generation wizards are vying to cash in upon the high salaries that these jobs in the media offer. It is a way to do what you enjoy and get paid for it. Creativity and monetary benefits blend in the advertising agencies, public relations firms, digital marketing boutiques, event management companies and corporate houses. 

Jobs in these sectors are in abundance and need trained professionals. This Course will help you in generating interest and developing expertise in these fields.  

After having worked through the content that we have prepared for you in this Course, it is envisaged that you will have acquired specific knowledge and skills enabling you to:  

  • Design and manage advertising and public relations communication for a brand

  • Appreciate the evolution of Advertising and Public Relations, as they exist today. 

  • Gain acclimatization to the environment of an ad agency and its departments

  • Be adept in writing for ads and the press

  • Be skilled in planning and executing strategic brand management

  • Develop persuasive campaigns for an organisation/ brand or service using different media platforms 

  • Critique the corporate social responsibility and crisis communication strategies employed by companies around you. 

  • Be employable in Advertising and Public Relations industry

Welcome aboard. Thanks for joining us in taking you through this exciting journey for laying the basic foundation for 'Advertising' and 'Public Relations' - two of the most loved and most used forms of persuasive communication. Hope you enjoy this Learning experience as much as we enjoyed creating this MOOC for you . Wishing you a happy learning experience all through. Course Credit-4
Course Status : Completed
Course Type : Core
Duration : 12 weeks
Category :
  • Multidisciplinary
Credit Points : 4
Level : Postgraduate
Start Date : 01 Mar 2021
End Date :
Enrollment Ends : 30 Jun 2021
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Theories, Models and Appeals in Advertising



Understanding the Target Audience



Strategic Planning and Brand Management



Ad Agency: Structure & Functions


Account Planning and Client Servicing


Research and Campaign Planning



Ideation and Copy Writing


Media Planning


History and Evolution of PR



Tools and Techniques for PR



Writing for Public Relations


Process, Research & Evaluation



Crisis Communication

Financial & Trade Communication


Corporate Identity & Image Management



Corporate Social Responsibility


Books and references

IGNOU Study Material Will be uploaded week wise as per the Content of that respective week Also available freely at www.egyankosh.ac.in

Instructor bio

Padmini Jain

Indira Gandhi National Open University

Padmini Jain is Assistant Professor with the School of Journalism and New Media Studies, Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi

To her credit are, paper presentations and publications in Journals, Newspapers and Magazines. Padmini is a successful Blogger and hosts shows for External Services Division AlR (All India Radio). Her video lectures are a part of NCERT Syllabus.

She is a Child Rights Trainer with the UNICEF and hosts Fake News Debunking Workshops as a Certified Factshala Trainer by Google News Initiatives.

She has been a Reporter, a Family Counsellor, an Advertising Professional, and a Soft Skills trainer conducting Trainings with Corporates like Infosys and for SCERT Teachers from across the nation.

With 15 years of University Teaching Experience. She has also taught at CDLU Sirsa and Punjabi University Patiala.

And has Six Years of Industry Experience with The Tribune, Indian Council of Social Welfare, Mudra, Convergys and Google.

She holds Double NET JRF in Psychology and Mass Communications.

She is an alumnus of Panjab University Chandigarh, IIMC Delhi, IIT Delhi, holding degrees in Psychology and Mass Communications and Diplomas in Journalism, Advertising & Public Relations and Distance Education. An A Level Mountaineer from Nehru Institute of Mountaineering Uttarkashi, Padmini is an enthusiastic cyclist with cycle trips to the highest motorable road and visits to the Siachen Glacier.

This is her first MOOC on offer on Swayam. You can search for her other Video Lectures on you tube, recorded over the last fifteen years, for Punjabi University, Puducherry University, NCERT, IGNOU and web portals like gyan4media, Bachpan expresss and many others

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