BEE-03: Management of Power Distribution

By Prof. Subhasis Maji   |   Indira Gandhi National Open University
Learners enrolled: 756

Power distribution utilities in India are faced with many challenges today. Improving the quality and reliability of supply, providing it at affordable cost to the consumer and at the same time ensuring the profitability of the enterprise are some of their major concerns. 

Improving the performance of power distribution systems to meet the required targets is not only a matter of selecting the most cost-effective technologies and operating practices. It is also a matter of managing the workplace, finances, materials and the projects on a turnkey basis. 

This course on Management of Power Sector has been designed to sensitize you to the modern management methods and approaches relevant to the power distribution sector. It presents various aspects of management essential for a manager to understand the working of the sector and function effectively in a power distribution utility. 

Principles of Management presents different aspects of management. It focuses on the functions of a manager, the importance of customer relationship management, promoting customer involvement and participation in meeting the challenges before the power distribution sector and the management of conflict. 

Change Management in power Distribution wherein we discuss the concepts and process of change, the importance of people in change management, certain emerging developments and conditions required for effecting the change smoothly. Project Development and Implementation discusses how to develop and implement projects on a turnkey basis.

Communication Skills and Motivation, we discuss the importance of communication, the skills required for communication and certain issues and aspects related to motivation. Finally, Financial Management, we present the basic accounting principles, preparation of financial statements, elements of financial analysis and cost management.

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Course Type : Not Applicable
Duration : 12 weeks
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Credit Points : 4
Level : Undergraduate
Start Date : 15 Feb 2021
End Date : 30 Apr 2021
Enrollment Ends : 30 Jun 2021
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Course layout

Week 1: Aspects of Management and Customer Relationship Management
Week 2: Customer Involvement and Participation
Week 3: Conflict Management
Week 4: Change Management: Concepts and Processes and People Change Management
Week 5: Change Requirements and Emerging Developments 
Week 6: Project Development and Turnkey and Unit Rate Contracts
Week 7: Detailed Project Report Preparation and Appraisal 
Week 8: Communication skills and Motivation
Week 9:  Accounting Principles
Week 10: Financial Statements  
Week 11: Financial Analysis 
Week 12: Cost Management

Books and references

  1. BEE-003 Management of Power Distribution

Instructor bio

Prof. Subhasis Maji

Indira Gandhi National Open University

Prof. Subhasis Maji was born on 4th January, 1956. He is a Mechanical Engineer with rich experience in Fluid Mechanics, Mechatronics, Aerodynamics and Thermodynamics. He did his Ph.D. from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi in 1984. His thesis is a quest of rather intricate question on fluid mechanics, with flavor for Computer Programming and Numerical Analysis. Prof. S. Maji hold BE (Mechanical Engg.), Ph.D. (IITD), MBA (HR), PGDDE, MADE, PGDHE, PGJMC, PGDDM and PGDRD. He was awarded the university Gold Medals for standing first in order of merit in Master of Arts in Distance Education (MADE) and Post Graduate Diploma in Rural Development (PGDRD) Programmes from Indira Gandhi National Open University and has wide experience in open learning system through distance mode of education.

He is having 28 years teaching experience in reputed engineering colleges and universities of India. He joined the Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani, where he taught final year and post graduate students as Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering.

Prof. S. Maji has a number of publications of his credit. He is with IGNOU since January, 1993. Prof. S. Maji attended a couple of Training/Orientation courses. A member of professional bodies like Institution of Engineers (India), Indian Society for Technical Education, New Delhi, Indian Distance Education Association and participated their conferences and Seminars. Presently, he is working as a Professor in Mechanical Engineering discipline, School of Engineering & Technology, IGNOU with open learning system which is fast emerging as the only alternative by which the increasing demand for higher education can be met.

The main areas of interest of Prof. Subhasis Maji are: 

·             Fluid Mechanics

·             Thermodynamics,

·             Aero Dynamics

·             Mechatronics and

·             Open Learning System though Distance Mode of Education 



Doctor of Philosophy (Mechanical Engineering) year: 1984

Name of the University. IIT Delhi, in 1984

Discipline: Fluid Dynamics

Doctoral Research Topic: “ Finite- Amplitude stability of Pipe-Poiseuille flow to three Dimensional non-axisymmetric disturbances”

Master of Business Administration (HR)

Year 2002

Name of the university: Indira Gandhi National Open University

Discipline: Human Resources

Dissertation Topic: Development of Technical Skills of Engineers through Training-A Case Study

Master of Arts (Distance Education) year: 1998

Name of the university Indira Gandhi National Open University

Discipline: Distance Education

Academic Achievement: University Gold Medal 

Bachelor in Engineering (Mechanical Engineering) year : 1978

Name of the university: Calcutta University

Academic Achievement: B.Tech.


Year : 1996


Name of the university Indira Gandhi National Open University

Discipline: Distance Education


Year : 2000

Name of the university Indira Gandhi National Open University

Discipline: Higher Education

University Gold Medal


Year : 2003

Name of the university Indira Gandhi National Open University

Discipline: Journalism & Mass Communication


Year : 2004

Name of the university Indira Gandhi National Open University

Discipline: Rural Development

Academic Achievement: University Gold Medal


Year : 2008

Name of the university Indira Gandhi National Open University

Discipline: Disaster Management



Sr. No.

Name of the Institute



Nature of Jobs



Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani

Sept. 1, 1983 to

Feb. 22, 1986


Guided graduate as well as post graduate students on Industrial Project and taught M.Tech. students

2 Years and
5 Months


NERIST, Itanagar

Feb. 26, 1986 to

May 22, 1989



3 Years and
3 Months


NERIST, Itanagar

May 23, 1989 to

July 17, 1990

Assistant Professor


1 Years and
2 Months


Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani

July 18, 1990 to

Dec 30, 1992

Assistant Professor


2 Years and
6 Months


IGNOU, New Delhi

Jan 1, 1993


July 31, 2006

Reader in Mechanical Engineering

Teaching and Administrative (Director, I/C, SOET)

13 Years and
7 Months


Delhi College of Engineering, New Delhi

Aug. 1, 2006


May 28, 2007

Professor in Mechanical Engineering

Teaching and Administrative

10 Months


IGNOU, New Delhi

May 29, 2007 to till date

Professor in Mechanical Engineering

Teaching and Administrative (Director, I/C, SOET)




Sr. No.

Name of the Fellowship/Awards

Granting/ Awarding Institution



National Scholarship

West Bengal Board of Secondary Education


PUBLICATIONS: (draft template is given below) 

BOOKS: 4 (authored) + 2 (edited) = NIL


·        Research Papers in Peer Reviewed Journals: 25

·        Chapters in Books: NIL

·        Papers presented at International/ National Conferences: 06



Membership of Professional body/ Statutory body

Name of statutory body/ institution/



(Indian Distance Education Association)

Life Member

ISTE LM 7949

(Indian Society for Technical Education, New Delhi)

Life Member

School Board member

School of Engineering and Technology, IGNOU

As a Professor


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