BCOE-141: Principles of Marketing

By Dr. Anupriya Pandey   |   Indira Gandhi National Open University
Learners enrolled: 4639
This course enables learners to understand the fundamentals of marketing concept, Its role in any business organisation. It also enables  learners to get acquainted with  ‘Marketing mix’ elements and the strategies and principles underlying the modern marketing practices. After doing this course learners would be able to demonstrate their comprehension of marketing concepts and knowledge by applying those in their exams, case studies discussions, presentations assignments/Project. The assignments/projects would enable students to apply the marketing concepts and marketing mix elements practically. learners will get an opportunity to listen to the people from academia, research and industry. Online debates and presentations are included in the course to encourage students to get involved, absorb and assimilate inputs. 

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Course Status : Ongoing
Course Type : Not Applicable
Duration : 16 weeks
Start Date : 01 Feb 2022
End Date :
Exam Date :
Enrollment Ends : 15 Mar 2022
Category :
  • Commerce
Credit Points : 6
Level : Undergraduate

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Week 1: Marketing and Marketing Environment 

Unit 1: Nature and scope of Marketing

Unit 2: Marketing Environment

Week 2: Segmentation Targeting and Positioning 

Unit 3: Markets and Market Segmentation

Week 3: Consumer Behaviour

Unit 4: Consumer Behaviour

Week 4: Product

Unit 5: Product, concept and classification

Unit 6: New Product Development

Week 5: Product decision

Unit 7: Branding and Packaging

Unit 8: Objectives and Methods

Unit 9: Discount and allowances

Week 6: Pricing

Week 7: Pricing

Week 8: Pricing

Week 9: Regulation of prices

Unit 10: Regulation of prices

Week 10: Distribution

Unit 11: Channels of Distribution-I

Unit 12: Channels of Distribution-II

Week 11: Distribution

Unit 13: Physical Distribution

Week 12: Promotion

Unit 14: Promotion Mix

Unit 15: Personal selling and sales promotion

Week 13: Promotion

Unit 16: Advertising and Publicity

Week 14: Services marketing

Unit 17: Services Marketing

Week 15: Rural Marketing

Unit 18: Rural Marketing

Week 16: Emerging Trends in Marketing

Unit 19: Emerging issues in Marketing Unit 20: Emerging issues in Marketing-II

Books and references

Kotler, Philip, Gary Armstrong, Prafulla Agnihotri and Ehsanul Haque. Principles of Marketing.
13th edition. Pearson Education.
Michael, J. Etzel, Bruce J. Walker, William J Stanton and Ajay Pandit. Marketing: Concepts and
Cases. (Special Indian Edition)., McGraw Hill Education
William D. Perreault, and McCarthy, E. Jerome., Basic Marketing. Pearson Education.
Majaro, Simon. The Essence of Marketing. Pearson Education, New Delhi.
The Consumer Protection Act 1986.

Instructor bio

Dr. Anupriya Pandey

Indira Gandhi National Open University
Instructor has Fifteen years of experience in Teaching, Training, Research and Consultancy. Special Area of interest is Entrepreneurship . She has contributed in the area of marketing by way of teaching , writing research papers and writing Self Instructional reading Material. She has conducted several national / international training priogrammes for teachers and trainers which includes two weeks National Faculty Development Program (FDP) in entrepreneurship supported by NSTEDB, Department of science and technology , Government of India and six weeks International Faculty Development Programme (FDP) in Entrepreneurship, Sponsored by Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC), ministry of external affairs, government of India, New Delhi as Programme Director . Gave consultancy to MSMEs as an Enterprise development Specialist, Cluster Development Initiatives, IL&FS.

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