Ethics: Theories and Applications

By Prof. Nandini Sinha Kapur   |   Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), New Delhi
Learners enrolled: 657
In the course “Ethics: Theories and Applications” the learner would primarily become acquainted with several key ethical theories in the form of a detailed historical sketch which will be accompanied by an exploration of how one can apply these ethical theories to see, to understand and to resolve the ethical dilemmas we face in our day to day lives.

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Course Status : Ongoing
Course Type : Not Applicable
Duration : 12 weeks
Start Date : 01 Feb 2022
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Enrollment Ends : 15 Mar 2022
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  • Multidisciplinary
Credit Points : 4
Level : Certificate

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Nature and Scope of Ethics


Challenges and Importance of  Ethics


Ethics in the History of Indian Philosophy


Ethics in the History of Indian Philosophy

Ethics in the History of Western Philosophy


Ethics in the History of Western Philosophy


Human Values


Human Virtues


Human Rights

Human Duties


International Ethics



Environmental Ethics

Media Ethics


Natural Moral Law

Deontology and Moral Responsibility


Discourse Ethics

Social Institutions

Books and references

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Instructor bio

Prof. Nandini Sinha Kapur

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), New Delhi
She is presently a Professor with the School of Interdisciplinary and Transdisciplinary Study, IGNOU. She has a Ph.d in History with specialization in Ancient History from Jawahar Lal Nehru University, New Delhi. She has class room teaching  experience for 20 years (17 years in Delhi University and 3 years in IGNOU).She has authored three books. Awarded  UGC JRF and SRF, Homi Bhaba Post-doctoral Research Fellowship, Charles Wallace India Trust Research Fellowship, Ancient India and Iran Trust, Cambridge, UK and Shastri Ino-Canadian FACULTY Mobility Programme Fellowship among others. She has delivered invited lectures in SOAS, London University, Harvard, University of Washington and Columbia  University in USA  and British Columbia and Alberta Universities in Canada. She is the former Director of the School of Interdisciplinary and Transdiciplinary Study, IGNOU and  Member of the Academic Council, IGNOU.

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